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from xxholding-on :
hey i saw you were online and i really wanted the vote/review from diaryland members towards an art contest i joined. It's a coach marketing contest and i need as many votes as i can get! I'm already in 19th out of 2700, please help me out!
from dinahsoar :
Stumbled upon your amazing poetry and ... Wow!
from dwell :
The girls do respectfully, proudly and fondly request that you leave all appropriate forwarding information in due time.
from dwell :
Maybe you are the apple, and maybe you are at the begining middle end, and then some... Maybe.
from bootprints :
The tower doth climb with it's stairs and storeys, every inch a niche over which one ought carefully tread. The the ivy grows with abandon over the walls and window frames, always touching that which crosses its path. And always, always the doorways that lead to anywhere. In passing heads nod. A Lady called Sunday traces bootprints out onto every surface there is, and the wind twirls the wind behind her pulling at the leaves as it smells her hair. Lighthouse sweeps across earth, sky and sea; hightlighting a hat leaning against a doorway, and the infinite. ~awesome contains a hint of the unspeakable~
from dwell :
from dwell :
To Sunday's that laugh in their sleep. eclectech : pointless but fun : mind control
from bootprints :
barefoot souls pad softly to and fro, eating watermelon and humming in dreams, and wondering (ever so quietly) what happens to twitterpation when spring is over and summer arrives
from dwell :
I miss you.
from dwell :
i find the strangest coincidents with you. ~stands in the doorway not knowing whether to leave or not~
from dwell :
rabbit! why do you seldom come back to all your nests?
from caudelac :
it is, darling. Oh, it is.
from ghanima :
this must be my rabbit, yes?

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