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from brittania :
Also. I went to SpringFest to see the DBT and they cancelled. Right before the show for a family emergency, the messenger said. And I thought about getting my money back but we stayed for some punk band and the Black Crowes and people kept looking around for Kate Hudson. I didn't want to be so dorky and stay but I did and had fun and even found the singer hot from time to time. XXXX again. Britt
from brittania :
Hey Frances! My poo's spicy! I got coffee! I see some lady's in France's underpants! Or something. I miss you. The very end. XXXX.
from brittania :
I liked that low-power thing. Man, I got the radio bug a while back, didn't I? What happened? Did I get pregnant? Or was that-- no no no, that was pregnancy inspired, yeah. I lost funds and confidence. Confidence being the main thing, maybe. I think I should be the fundraiser (lessee, I can't make brownies. I hate washing cars. Sex, though), and you should run the station cross the nation. Or at least the Appalachians (which still rhymes if we're tallying-- which we should. Tally-wacker. People should use that word still). Hey again. XXXXX.
from molu4 :
Hey there and good (wet) morning, lostpony. I also dug that Courtney Love thing on slate--read it a few days ago and definitely appreciated it. I know she basically comes across as a despicable human being (which could totally be the case), but I also know a few other things: 1. I don't actually know or want to know her (pretty much my response to anyone famous) and I can't presume otherwise without all the facts 2. I still absolutely love Live Through This--I thought that record kicked ass all over the place when I heard it ten years ago and I listened to it again recently and still think it kicks all kinds of ass. It's one of my favorites. It's like with Woody Allen--I can't stop loving Manhatten or Annie Hall or Crimes and Misdemeanors just because the man seems to be utterly vile. I also have always really despised the whole "IT'S HER FAULT HE'S DEAD" thing, which I think is absolute bunk and horribly misogynistic, to boot. I think when someone like Kurt Cobain dies the way he died (too young, too soon) folks look for someone to blame and damned if Ms. Love there ain't holding herself up for it. But I won't fall for it. Plus I will never ever see her live again because she did that same horrible thing with their kid when I saw her 10 years ago. Very Disturbing. But I'm glad somebody out there is giving her some props for her music, because I'll be damned if she doesn't deserve it. I figure loving the music or the art or the writing of somebody doesn't mean liking the artist. Anyway. Complicated, yeah? Love this page, love to look at your links. Keep on rocking.

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