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from trigger-cut :
things can be so hard sometimes. if you need a virtual hug, i'm here for you :0)
from killiansred :
oh my! there's this trashy soap opera in australia called home and away, and there's this new kid on it, and he looks just like you. it's scary. i fully expected him to be vegan and say the word 'homeslice' and talk about debating lots
from killiansred :
dude! i am so there. plus, i wanna see pandafaust play, i hear they rock. oh, oh, oh! and then we can go see nada surf together. punkrock!
from killiansred :
shhhh! *covers ears* la la laaaaa. im not listening
from killiansred :
if only i had thought to use ninja, or perhaps fungus, or carbon. so, i hear you're a bit of a spunk hey ?? no, you better not tell me, you don't need some old broad oggling you. *cackle*
from emoandska26 :
from killiansred :
aww, no troubles bubbles. you know what they say, a stranger's just a friend you haven't met. you haven't mettttttttt. streetcar! whoops, anyhoo, i don't actually remember how i found your diary, but i realised that i wanted to keep reading, so you got yourself added. yaaaaay!

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