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from cactustree :
kathryn, i miss you terribly. email me if you can -- [email protected] and tell me how you're doing.
from futureceo :
I will miss you. Good luck and best wishes in all you do.
from cactustree :
buddy. ??????. don't leave me this way. password? something?
from futureceo :
I'm glad I checked your notes, I was going to ::sniff, sniff:: about it being locked. I hope all is well and come back soon. {{{Hugs}}}
from thevow :
Down for a few days. Locked.
from futureceo :
Yay!! I'm so happy for you all! Thanks for posting!
from spritopias :
I'm happy to hear that Mom is feeling better.
from futureceo :
I hope all is ok. I've gotten used to you posting multiple times a day and it's been nearly 24 hours since your last one. I'm still thinking of you and your mom and the rest of your family!
from cdghost :
enjoyed reading your entries, thank you and take care
from spritopias :
Sorry, I blew our shot at the state title because I was getting high. I hope you understand.
from teenymisa :
if you want the link ... i'd be more than happy to give it to you :)
from cmkern3 :
So sorry to hear about your mom! My thoughts are with you.
from misspinkkate :
Thanks so much for stopping by- love the picture on your template! YAY for pink!
from hothead :
Well, hello there, and thank you for stopping by! So much love, so much love....
from beagle47 :
thank you, 'vow. very nice of you to note. best of luck on the vows, always best kept in my humble opinion. peace.
from banefulvenus :
hey there, I clicked on your banner that made ref. to "The Two Towers." I just saw that movie the other night. Love the banner, Love the site!
from cmkern3 :
Oh yeah - I should also mention that I am very upset that I have to miss out on Ewan McGregor's penis!! I only access the internet at work, and so - I am very begrudgingly out of luck. Waaaah!
from cmkern3 :
Hey there! I found your diary through Prostitutee and thought I'd drop you a line to say I like your diary and I, too, hate Paris Hilton with every fiber of my being. You're not alone. :)
from futureceo :
Hi - I wanted to say thanks for writing and I really enjoy your diary. I look forward to reading more from you in 2004! Have a Happy New Year. :)
from laura-ly :
Stumbled across your're a wonderful writer. I'll be back.
from rushita :
Thanks for visiting my diary. Yours sounds very interesting ^^. Oh yeah, you are a gamer too. Happy New Year, fellow Canadian!
from cutie1083 :
Happy Holidays!
from tequilashot :
ew thats fucking gross he has an anteater!!!
from caela :
hey there...that spider book was actually lent to me on the spur of the moment by my boyfriend, it's not the sort of thing i'd normally pick up on my own. but i have to say i'm enjoying it! might have to seek out more.
from wilberteets :
I meant to say fiend, rather than friend. People can take it funny, or they can take it ominous. But really, I was thinking of a kid who used to have a crush on me and he wrote me love letters asking me to be his gril fiend. That was always funny to me. I was 18, he was 7. It didn't work out. :-)
from preciousgift :
Thanks for stopping by and for the comment it was really appreciated. :)
from rainbowsix :
No...I just like rainbows and the number six has a special significance to me. :)
from parlance :
Happy thought of the day: My kitten doesn't like it when she's playing with the cord of my headphones, and music suddenly blasts through the circular-like objects on the end of the 'string'.
from parlance :
I am advertising myself.
from icedreamsoup :
HI!! yea i am putting on a good act huh. Making it look like i am taking things okay. I guess i just have to look at the bright side.. at least i am not there --and don't have to worry about scratching someones eyes out. But, it is hard during the holiday season... feel bad cuz i can't really buy anything for the family and stuff...but on the other hand -- as least i have a great family to spend the holidays with.... :) so thats a plus.
from alonenafraid : Can you please read this petition and sign it to try and help make the last few months of this woman's life, a little less painful. Also if you don't mind, can you put a link to the petition in your next journal entry, if you sign it that is. Thanks bunches. ~Danielle
from not-ready :
mega props on the banner with the quote from Princess Bride... :D
from anotherwish :
thankyou :) this is my new diary, the after my ex me.. lol my old on eis if you want to take a look, thanks for your note! x
from candoor :
I am enjoying your words and the pictures. My roommate has a serious Diet Pepsi addiction. So now you are a shortcut on my desktop.
from apocalipx :
glad to have caught up with you on the 21st.
from kate-nz :
Thank you, thank you, thank you! You know you should be taking some credit for this, don't you! Squeeeeee!!!
from icedreamsoup :
100 points... and yea the way you wrote in... sounds and looks right... i try to think quick at work!

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