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from shewholies :
You speak the words of my heart. Thank you for your honesty.
from moonbaby8u :
oh are my thoughts.Love sucks.When I read your words...part of me feels as though I am part of you.
from lobo21 :
hi. I like rings. I have a few now. No beginning no end. It's too bad relationships weren't more like the rings the symbolize. Hope you find some contentedness without the other part.
from lobo21 :
hello. I've come across your entries a number of times and am always very touched by your words. There probably is one for all of us that we know we will keep taking back because we can't help believing they finally realize they are meant to be with us. I echo the thoughts and words written by others in your notes. I hope you won't mind be returning from time to time. Take care.
from swimmmer72 :
Every entry you write takes me back. Memories take over my imagination and while I know you aren't her and I'm not him, it seems like it could be. And so, my response to your last sentence would be "I do".
from forgottenfoe :
You are an amazing writer.
from theotherman : tears are streaming down my face as THIS could be me..... i haven't even ever written in my CURRENT journal about how i was madly in love with my soulmate who is gone from my life. i only married hus b/c i gave up on reuniting with the soul mate. i could have written each of these entries... beautiful!!!!!!!
from jesseness :
I feel compelled to write to you to say that you're not alone. I read your entries and it brings me back to a part of my life that I, too, keep trying to leave behind. Ultimately I like to believe that there are several people who can be "right" for each person, but that nagging what-if is ruthless. I'm sure you know you're not the only person who has ever felt, or will ever feel, this way, but I felt the need to send my empathy. Best of luck in your future decisions.
from swimmmer72 :
Your entries continue to have me imagine you are the counterpart to the one I long for, bringing up the same thoughts as you. Where, when, should, shouldn't. Yeah, I guess the questions are always there, too.
from swimmmer72 :
Poignant words and emotions that take me back to another time that I haven't really left behind... :)
from swimmmer72 :
powerful entry! i wonder what i would do if you were writing to me, and wonder if there is someone out there, someone i care about, someone thinking those same thoughts, waiting for me to express my feelings. it's a sobering realization, and i hope the guy you are writing to either steps up or goes away and leaves you in peace. :)
from swimmmer72 :
Re: connected - In the short run, yeah, i KNOW that it is possible to feel that connected, and in such a passionate sense. In the long run? I don't know. That's where trust issues and all the usual crap that creeps into a relationship over time comes into play. It you can get past that, yes, it makes you stronger. If not.....? I don't know enough about your specific situation to be able to give you advice. That strong of a connection definitely has a down-side, and it's more than the pain involved. Good luck.
from swimmmer72 :
either way, it isn't simple. i've agonized over this for over eight years. should i go back and possibly disrupt her life all over again? because of me, we both went through hell the first time, and do i bring back those memories? especially with the possibility that she has truly managed to move on? or do i stay away and carry with that decision the emptiness that comes with it? so far, i've erred on the side of sparing her any more heartache, but you bring up an interesting perspective, i.e., the desire to have me SHOW that my feelings were real way back when and still exist today. hmmmm.
from swimmmer72 :
but, yeah, maybe it is really too late. that's the struggle for me, too.
from swimmmer72 :
lets just pretend for just a minute that you are the one and i am the one that each of us has been separated from. i will tell you the thing that has been in my mind for the last 8 years, 2 months and 8 days, ever since our last conversation, and that is that there hasn't been a moment during all that time that you haven't been on my mind. that, and i'd give anything to hold you in my arms for just a moment. anyway, that's how i feel, and maybe, just maybe, your one has the same thoughts going on. and somewhere in your heart, maybe that's the way it has to be.
from swimmmer72 :
your stories amaze me. the last one reflects a situation between myself and my ex with me being the one who is afraid to go back and possibly stir things up, haunted by the possibility that she waited, and just as devastated with the possibility she didn't. an emotion raw wound that's lasted 9 years now.
from swimmmer72 :
very intense emotion. i don't know what it is about, but i understand the passion. either way, i'm hooked.
from swimmmer72 :
did you used to be stfunkissme? if so, i'm glad i finally got to see an entry. it looks interesting. if not, thanx for adding me as a fav! :)

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