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from mariusandme :
Cool! This is lvlylillady. I have a new diary now. I've actually had this since February, but I stopped updating in March, and I'm back again. How are you? Good luck with the TV show! I'll talk to you later!
from bluechicken :
holy crap, you rock.
from lvlylillady :
You mean that the U.S. is really that big of a country? Over here, we barely hear about foreign affairs, aside from whatever is happening in Iraq. They say that the U.S. has the right to freedom of the press. If we really did, wouldn't we hear more about what goes on around the world, rather than just here and Iraq? The news seems to act like we're the only country there is! It's not right...
from lvlylillady :
Anyway, yes, I also hate how cigarettes smell. Both my parents and my grandmother used to smoke. By now, my mom is the only one of the three that still smokes, but even she has cut down. I hope Sig is my perfect boyfriend, too. He seems like he will definitely outlast my past boyfriends, and that he is my 'perfect boyfriend', but I can never be sure. Describe your boyfriend to me! I'm curious...
from lvlylillady :
On 9/11, two years ago, members of a terrorist group based in western Asia, but living in America took control of a few aiirplanes, two of which they crashed into the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center in New York City. Thousands of people were killed. So it's not exactly a cursed date, just the anniversary of a tragedy that touched many lives. I was fortunate enough not to have lost any loved ones in the attack, but it still made me a lot more aware that anything can happen. And you know what? I still remember that day as if it was yesterday, particularly the moment I found out what had happened. I would go on, but I don't think you would want me to go on about my personal experience that day.
from castleanthrx :
Well, if you don't mind watching a play completely about the Old Testament story of Joseph, it's a wonderful musical. I know all the songs by heart. It's my second favorite (next to Les Mis of course) Glad to see my baricade reasons are good. :P
from castleanthrx :
I find it odd that you love Jesus Christ Superstar, yet are an atheist. I'd be interested to know your views on Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. But on another hand, I loved loved LOVED the Les Mis survey.
from lvlylillady :
Oh yes, that is a good feeling. I mean, not that my level of cooking experience extends beyond pasta, but still...
from lvlylillady :
I know exactly what you mean with the balls! I can see them now...aah! A pink one's after me!
from lvlylillady :
from lvlylillady :
yes, 'pyjamas' is sort of a funny word. But they're so comfortable, I don't care! I'm wearing mine right now...
from lvlylillady :
ah, yes. Turning your boyfriend into a full-fledged Mizzie, slowly but surely. That's what I'm trying to do to my boyfriend. He's already basically memorized the if only Les Mis would come by before next summer! Then I could take him to see the whole show, maybe...hopefully, he'd be able to pay for the ticket. Oh,'s coming to Philadelphia in March, and that's near us, his birthday is in March...this seems like a plan!
from lvlylillady :
ok...I see. The ones with the annoying voices always stick out...
from prncsaimee :
Thanks for joining the Friends Freak diary ring!
from bwayfan1225 :
Hi! I like the look of your diary too! Very Les Mis, which is a good thing! hehe
from lvlylillady :
brain fart...who is Janice? I will download 'Unexpected Song'...I don't know it, but you're making it sound good!
from lvlylillady :
I just took a closer look at your last note...yes, I love 'Reflection' so much! Right now, though, I'm trying to learn 'I Have Nothing' by Whitney Houston. My school's Cosette sang that at the talent show, and she was awesome! Better than Whitney...and it's also just a great song to sing.
from lvlylillady :
online Latin course, huh? Sounds...interesting. Actually, I looked in somebody's AIM profile, and I saw something that I think was in Latin. You watch 'Friends'? I love that show...when I get a chance to watch it. As for Harry Potter, I haven't finished reading the fifth book in English, let alone any other language! And Annoying Thai Guy...yeah, I understand. I hate trying to pronounce foreign names, especially those of the Oriental sort. Korean names especially! I had a classmate last year whose middle name was Korean, and nobody could pronounce it right. And my boyfriend...I'm glad he goes by his middle name, because his first name is Korean, and I am still trying to make him say it enough times for me to pick up on how to pronounce it. Oh, well...nothing I can do about it now.
from lvlylillady :
Bruce Almighty? I had wanted to see that...I guess I will when it comes out on video, since I don't see myself getting to the cinema anytime soon...

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