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from insanegerbil :
can i have the password?
from freakish13 :
how was it sent? Because I don't think I got anything.
from freakish13 :
could I have a password. you seem interesting. [email protected] just leave me a note.
from candikurlz :
you are fucking retarded
from life-ends :
ahh password, girl! your old one isnt working.. soo can i have the new one please? thanks! <33
from life-ends :
me? im fine, heartbreak is my best friend, i see that bitch all the time, we had lunch the other day, anyways, my life pretty fucking complicated, well comepared to other people, it isnt, but, im not as blunt in this diary, my other one im like 'woah!' if your interested? anywho.. merry christmas, ~*beth <33
from life-ends :
i locked my diary but just for a bit, username: totallyyou password: beth
from guitarphreak :
i love your diary! im adding you! take care xoxox
from life-ends :
haha oh man, im 15, and really we live close? neato, your diary doesnt depress me, i love it, you just so blunt, like me! its great, you just go all out with your emotions *thumbs up* well im off to write about my wierd weekend, ta-ta, ~*beth <3
from life-ends :
i love your diary, i just want to say that im feeling the same way you are right now, so dont feel alone alright? im hvaing weird boyfriend friend troubles too, sleeping and crying are an excellent past time let me tell you, well im off <3 beth

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