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from roxyelliot :
Thanks so much for taking my survey.
from sidhequeen :
As soon as I can afford to sign up for Gold Membership, I'll be starting diaryrings and posting quizes all over the place. I promise I'll let you know when that happens. My kitty (when she was alive) was part Siamese. We think that's why she was so high-strung. (Well, that and the fact that her parents were brother and sister). -Cat
from kazots :
Thanks for reminding me I had a Blog. I had treated it like my wife does her house plants house plants and ignored it. Good thing it didn't need water! I unlocked it and created another survey. I bees open for binus! Just remember, you created this monster. :>)
from clauren :
and also thanks for taking boredombliss..
from clauren :
THanks for taking my survey, funkymunky. And I do agree with you on the Barbie. She should have an apron and the chewing gum. She would fit in.
from clauren :
THanks for taking survey foodcombo. And I did the same thing with the dye and create a bad black...And you are right swamp is a combo of sodas....THanks again.and egg salad and white bread is the only way.
from mightymaeve :
He-he...i liked your analysis of 'smells' and the ones we love. How perceptive! That was an interesting read! And i enjoyed your answers to my 'dareto' survey as well!
from nicedream06 :
thanks for filling out my divorce survey so in-depthly! (not a word) i like elizabeth taylor, too, but she's the one who came to mind.

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