My So Called Semi-Charmed life....

Sometimes life is crazy and sometimes life can bring you around and fart all over you. I just think I am between the smell of the craziness and that cubicle island. My life I think can be semi-charmed but it is full 100% craziness and funkiness. Funky MUNKY....

My favorite diaries:

trendymatt profile - diary
comments: Thank Goodness, Matt is back.......I am so glad. What a wonderful person Matt is and I miss those entries. Matt is one of my favorite people. Welcome back.
missdove profile - diary
comments: This is one of the coolest diaries around. Just started to read it and kept on going. ANd one of the nicest people around. Anybody that finds snowman and an animated Mr. Hat is my hero....
invaderniz profile - diary
comments: One of the most funkiest writers around. One of my favorites and just makes me laugh out loud and makes me pee my pants
roxyelliot profile - diary
comments: Just a sweetie............
mangofarmer profile - diary
comments: Mangofanastic Sarah just rules. There is no boredom in reading this diary.
cosmicrayola profile - diary
comments: Karen rules. I just think Karen is so cool. If only she was in my neighborhood.
Jonquille profile - diary
comments: Sweet Girl.....beautiful website..I need to get the password. Sorry I didn't realize that I messed up my link earlier...
volvo-buddy profile - diary
comments: This girl is def deserves to be a grand beautful Princess and she has just found her Prince.
jwinokur profile - diary
comments: Made his record, travel the world in bunches of days....Justin's writings is wonderful, humor and philosophical thoughts....
unclebob profile - diary
comments: I never meant Uncle Bob but somehow he is somebody that I can relate to so many times
summer-gale profile - diary
comments: Love her..She is one of the nicest people around and somebody that I admire bunches of time.
rmsoboist profile - diary
comments: Aww just a special diary with a special person.
genghis-jon profile - diary
comments: what a great diary...must be the next door neighbor to Uncle Bob
red-savannah profile - diary
comments: Beautiful Diary. Found this from summer-gale and I kept on reading.
smartypants profile - diary
comments: This is a laugh so hard and great reading diary!
danielle-y profile - diary
comments: What a special diary. So sweet, entertaining, and so mature. I wish I could get some of that maturity...

My favorite music:

Dave Matthews Band
comments: "When all the Ants are marching.......they all do it the same way........" Ants Marching
Counting Crows
comments: "What you fear in the night and the day comes to call anyway."......Einstein on the Beach
Rage Against the Machine
comments: Testify
No Doubt
comments: "Why do the girl girl always want the bad boy." Bathwater
Alice in Chains
comments: Alice in Chains is the best........................My favorite is the MTV unplugged

My favorite movies:

Forrest Gump
comments: Still one of my favorites
Mrs. Doubtfire
comments: Robin Williams is one of my favorite actors, So funny. Any of Robin Williams movies is great to me.
The Man on the Moon
comments: Great Movie and great soundtrack
Life is Beautiful
comments: This is the best movie I have seen in a while. I love it and I love it.
The Magestic
comments: Jim Carey is so good in it. I love the movies where he is funny but this serious side movie is wonderful.

My favorite authors:

J.K. Rowling
comments: Harry Potter are the best books to read, to get your imagination going
C.S. Lewis
comments: Great books "THe Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe"
Hans Christian Anderson
comments: The Ugly Duckling and my favorite The Emperor's New Clothes
Edger Allen Poe
comments: Dark and good

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