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from angrymime :
Found your diary through the Harry Potter ring. That high school that you applied at seems awesome. It would probably be amazing to teach there. :)
from angstrom :
thanks! and the new NEW ORDER image rocks my socks! take care hun. *hugs*
from passthemic :
hey, just letting you know that you have excellent taste in music :)
from starguitar :
hey. so you own the New-order diaryring? what about getting it to work? I dont mean to be evil or anything. I would just like a ring with New Order and there is not any others around! please
from jenne1017 :
you doing ok? No word from you in months!
from ciara2 :
hey your diary is awesome! :) think your cool! :) hey check out mine and leave me a note tell me what you think
from hairbear1986 :
Hey I love you your diary; I hope you get the job....check out mine at and tell me what you think!!!!
from blue-scribe :
aye thank you .. you are still cute.. don't forget to listen to new order .. have a pure morning
from angeldark :
you rock chica ;)
from wonderwall :
hey... cool diary. and that guy sounds like a real jerk. and beautiful mind did have some awesome lines. im gonna go see if i can find them somewhere on this great information superhighway right now! :)
from bluedevlair :
Hey There! Thanks for visiting my diary and leaving me a note, you rock. ; ) Your diary is great, I enjoy reading it! (by the way, I love your Neopets, I got 2 but they'll probably die...I'm just not meant to be a mother! haha) Anyways, feel free to drop by again sometime! I'll definitely be reading your diary, it's *super* cool. Have a great day!
from starsurfer :
Thanks for the note. Glad you enjoy my diary...hope you stop by again. I love that Dragon. =)
from yankeebelle :
I LOVE YOUR DIARY! Thanks for stopping at mine. I just had time to check you out tonight. I'll be back. Great diary.
from theseapples :
Thanks for the lovely note... I lurve the neopets thing... SHOOT, must go to neopets site... nice diary. The New Year's Resolution quiz told me that I should seduce as many people as possible this year... so what are you doing later tonight? Snork, I am such a geek.
from lms3020 :
Hey, My AIMs are: chatchik3020 blondesinger88 cheerchick26765 Bye!
from brucegirl :
Hi! Thanks for leaving a note :-) Thought I should do the same... Nice diary - I like it. Btw - Happy new year, stranger... :o)
from mskaos :
aw, thanks!!:) i like the new layout..tho i never got to see the old one. it's very cheery and neopets of course:) i remember when there was barely anything to do @! wow.!
from lms3020 :
Hey, I got your note...thank you! I just got my diary so I haven't been real updatey and all but I will soon. Thank you for the compliments. I like your diary too. Do you have AOL IM?
from silverangelz :
okay, I'll click on your banner if I make a new account. :)
from pure-milk :
Oh. Ok. =P
from silverangelz :
Hey, thanks for leaving a note for me! I think Neopets is so cute but unfortunately I always forget to go on sometimes and then my pets are forgotten. Then, instead of logging into my old file, I just start new ones. *lol* Oh boy, I'm dumb.
from pure-milk :
Yep, pretty sure they're dead. I couldn't buy food because the stores ran out..
from ana-warda :
Thanks for reading. :) I think we all have our ADHD moments, though I'm more of an OCD person myself ... Actually, I've been thinking of trying yoga, but it may just be this Indian music, since I'm really not-flexible ....
from pure-milk :
=D You love my diary! That's very sweet =) oh, I'm sorry to say..I had NeoPets once, and they all died..=\ Heh.
from i-just-hope :
Hi There! Just went to look at your diary. It's very nice. I'll be back. ;)
from princessa007 :
Thanks for stopping by my diary & leaving me a note! :-)
from sheherazade :
hi! wow, i'm glad you signed my guestbook, because i'm loving your diary too! all your teaching experiences are so interesting to read about. i will definitely be stopping by more often! and that neo-pets entry was quite enlightening- i always wondered what my little brother was doing when he fiddles with all that stuff on here... ;-)
from red-scribe :
your really cute! and how could anyone who likes New Order be evil!.. have a nice morning.. eh

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