"The Story of My Life"

I am 24 years old. "And, If you have five seconds to spare, then I'll tell you the story of my life..."

(Quote By The Smiths from "Half a Person")

My favorite diaries:

sillyminx profile - diary
comments: One of Typical Me's old UCSB friends, A good one :o)
mazokuheart profile - diary
comments: Mmmmmmmmmm..... I think I like it! ;oP
sachertorte profile - diary
comments: 'tis a Curious thing... ;o$
samneric profile - diary
comments: It makes my heart sing ;-)
AngelDark profile - diary
comments: A beautifully designed site, by a cool individual :o)
Fuschia profile - diary
comments: Fuckin' Rockin' Diary. Check it out! :-)
HardRain profile - diary
comments: Creativity, Intelligence, Style.. Not a Bad Combination ;o)
Severin profile - diary
comments: Honesty is a Virtue.... Find Out Why.... =->
BeatChik profile - diary
comments: Wow! Way nice HTML and a great Journal!
Mistreated profile - diary
comments: Very beautifully designed, interesting diary >=)
QueerScribe profile - diary
comments: A prolific writer with a sense of humour. He's Adorable :-)
GayTeletubby profile - diary
comments: My favorite little Teletubby Friend =o)
daemonlord profile - diary
comments: Only one entry and he's cool already! :->
DiZBoy profile - diary
comments: Well, he has a REALLY cute Teddy Bear ;-)
Kattyt profile - diary
comments: A Cool Co-Worker =-)
VegasGirl777 profile - diary
comments: One of my 2 best friend's since grade school! =->
HaloofCurls profile - diary
comments: We seem to have a lot in common :o)
LusciousMe profile - diary
comments: Drool... Nice layout! ;-)
CaliGirl profile - diary
comments: What adventure, drama, excitement, HTML! ;oP
IKilledKitty profile - diary
comments: *Meow* =^..^= I like it :-)
YourStory profile - diary
comments: They write stories about YOU based on your diary! =->
LazyBohemian profile - diary
comments: Viva la Vie Boheme :->
AshnWild profile - diary
comments: Diary of a young pop star ;o)
lms3020 profile - diary
comments: That's entertainment! :+P
ruthie-a profile - diary
comments: Very creative, interesting, with a sense of humour ;-)
Jenne1017 profile - diary
comments: Inspiring!

My favorite music:

comments: All these bands rock my world.
comments: All these bands rock my world.
Depeche Mode
comments: All these bands rock my world.
Saint Etienne
comments: All these bands rock my world.
New Order
comments: All these bands rock my world.

My favorite movies:

comments: My favorite Sci-Fi flick
comments: Directed by Deepa Metha, brilliant.
Girl, Interupted
comments: The story of my life.. or, rather, one particular month of it.
Sling Blade
comments: Just watch it... and pay attention.
Fight Club
comments: It makes ya think.

My favorite authors:

comments: As in Siddhartha, Demian, Glass Bead Game, etc.
comments: As in Slaughterhouse 5, Thank God for You Mr. Rosewater, etc.
comments: As in Oliver Twistm, David Copperfield, Great Expectations, etc.
comments: C'mon.. this guy needs no introduction
9 zillion others
comments: I have a degree in English for heaven's sake!

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