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from toescapethis :
Hey, my name is April. I have a diary at toescapethis. I'd be interested in being a reviewer. I have some extra time on my hands and I enjoy reading diaries in my spare time so what better way then review them. I have had my own review site before but due to a few personal reasons, I had to close it. I'm not looking to run a site anymore, I'm just looking to have a little fun and cure some boredom while online. Get back to me if you're interested. Thanks.
from fan4 :
So much for that idea. It does suck though, that I'm the only diarist that violet hates.
from iwillsurvive :
fan4? The answer, dear, is NO. Bye-bye now.
from fan4 :
I heard that there might be more than one reviewer at this site now. If this is true, could it be possible for me to recieve a re-review, from one of the newer reviewers?
from dc3caliboi :
i guess i'll know you thought my message was nasty if i am dropped. but your site was one of the 1st i came upon when i decided to join the review craze. it took me a REALLY long time to go from unassigned to pending, and now i am REALLY low on that. are you still reviewing? if not, please let me know. i make it a point to stay on top of my reviews and havent seem to have moved an inch on violet. please get back to me.
from wynozo :
I'm willing to help you out w/ the reviews. If u want me to.
from ktdream :
Never mind about the review. Doesn't seem like you're updating anyway.
from illucid-star :
Could I have a review? Thankyou so much. The link is under "reviews".
from fan4 :
Maybe I shouldn't have sent that angry note. Didn't know you were in the process of reviewing my diary when I sent it. I'm sorry for that. Not sure I like Violet right now though. Her scratches still sting. I really am a college student, and soverycherry designed the link to cherryreviews, not me. I'm not sure how she did it, I haven't looked at the html. I'm not sure how to make the changes you suggested. Should've mentioned them to soverycherry, she's the one who did all the work (though I did do the archiving of entries).
from fan4 :
hey, have you gone to the URL I mentioned earlier today??? If yes, and you still haven't been able to find the link, then I guess I won't be getting a review. grrr I wasn't too happy when I found out you took me off...
from fan4 :
Go to The link to your site is in a different color from the rest of the words in that diary entry. I still want a review!
from fan4 :
Would you mind if I did a link to your site in my next diary entry? (The entry would just have the link on it.)
from magic-wand :
I'd like a review if you don't mind. The link is on my "reviews" page. Thanks.
from lilith73 :
oops..and the link is on my reviews page, link at the bottom of my diary!
from lilith73 :
Yay! And I want to be second!! Review, please!
from angelgirl76 :
I'd like to be the first to request a review from you... Your link is under extras and then under reviews... Thanks for your time! ~Cathy [email protected]

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