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from jaysthoughts :
Yeah. Good luck with the vagina.
from jimbostaxi :
Quick questiion what do I wear to a vagina funeral? I hate to be over dressed. :>)
from jimbostaxi :
Ahhh the windy city I can smell the stench of over filled porta pottys and closed restrooms from here. Wait a sec........ I think that smell is coming from New Jersy. ;>)
from jimbostaxi :
With you being a wafflehead wouldn't you be more like gretchen because her father invented toaster strudel? Is your hair big and have lots of secrets?
from jimbostaxi :
Thanks for the note ;>) I like to make peoples smiles turn upside down. But its difficult in a taxi because I can't see the road while my head is buried in my seat cushion and my feet are on the steering wheel :>)
from jimbostaxi :
I'm just curious who brings the syrup to the doodle event? Since its been awhile maybe you can use whipcream with a cherry on top! ;>)
from soapboxdiner :
ha! You're awesome!
from bunnymama :
If you want, I can email you the password to my diary. Leave me a note with your email and I'll send you the password. Totally up to you though.
from bunnymama :
Now when Comedy Central doesn't have anything good on, I can just read you!!! BTW, my underwear today is boring beige. Yesterday it was red with a bejeweled flower on the front.
from annanotbob :
Hi. I've drifted back through your entries as far as Oct 08, knock knock jokes. My favourite is. 'Hey, I know a brilliant knock knock joke. You start.' Gets 'em every time. xx
from requiel :
HA! er...I mean lol...
from ipaula :
the lolcat thing cracked me up. you're funny. :)
from poolagirl :
Now that I've cruised through a gazillion of your entries and wiped the root beer eruption from my chin, I am composed enough to leave you a note. You are amazingly funny! And I didn't even drink root beer. I have no idea how it got there. Hmmmmmm
from surfking :
hi wafflehead, my name is ros! I'm late half the time and the other half I'd be on time if I didn't have to make the poo when I'm about to walk out the door. Sorry bank people are so helpful, they seem afraid of me at my bank, but I haven't been in there since I chopped all my hair off. I gotta go though, I'm going to be late for class, bye!
from melia5553 :
hey waffle! i haven't talked to u in a while!! well it sucks because on my account on {i kno its gay} but either way i forgot my damn password! it freakin sucks. ttys Melia:-}
from requiel :
Your breath smells like chicken nuggets. How did you not explode with laughter?
from catnapn :
hi waff--i haven't been around a lot lately (not like i used to), but we all know how the rumor mill and its mongers work. it's a most childish and vile way to try and gain attention and very unfortunate that so many fall for it. you and hubby stay strong and keep the faith.
from telefreak47 :
Hey, I've been reading your D-land off and on for awhile now and I just saw your latest entry about the rumors going around about your husband. Just wanted to say sorry you guys are going through a rough time. I know what it's like to deal with people spreading rumors behind your back and especially in such an immature way as on a blog - although none so serious as what's been said about him. Obviously I don't know the whole story, so I can't be completely sure that what they're saying is or isn't true so I'd rather keep from making any declarative comments. But I thought I'd give a little wave of support in case what you guys say is true; I figure it couldn't hurt to let you know that not everyone believes every rumor. :p Anyway, best wishes.
from quiteman :
You rock. I love your hilarious comments!
from groundhogday :
it's back up now, sorry, i was dicking around with my html.
from ljungberg8 :
from darkfairy13 :
heh heh blue hair ^_^ cool diary
from cherrryhead :
You know, if you're REALLY feeling depressed, you should ask your parents to help you NOT feel depressed. Tell them that instead of buying things to help you feel better, to get you something like... maybe professional counselling or their love.. or something like that.
from uclafan87 :
Eepity Eep! I had to lock my diary...(damn creepy horny stalker guys at my school..) Username:green -password: jeep
from uclafan87 :
hi! i just created a public diary, where anyone can post anything!! Its kept completely anonymous, come by and will make me jump for joy!!!
from monkeybar :
you are hilarious. your site makes me hungry!
from deadstarfall :
i love how full of life you are [!!!!] ♥
from cherrryhead :
And you know what else?? We have foods for heads! It's like karma or something.
from cherrryhead :
Yippee! Friends! :)
from skittlehead :
HEY! all of our bdays are 2 days apart! ur right, we were destined to be friends! thats weird man
from cherrryhead :
My birthday is March 6th!
from skittlehead :
HEY! somethin else we have in common: birthdays in the first week of march...youre march 2nd, im march 4th. kool with a K.
from cherrryhead :
Oh yeah, by the way, I meant that in a not-gay/lesbo way. I'm very much straight, and well, whaddya you know, you've got food for a head too! It's nice to know I'm not alone in the world.
from cherrryhead :
Hee hee... you're a cute one! :)
from munchkin02 :
Hey there sweetheart! Just wanted to say I still love when you do dumb things...especially getting your boobie shocked by my car (how exciting!)...oh yes, Happy Birthday!!! I felt like I did a wafflehead today at your party when I took off my shoes, bracelets, and glasses during the paper bag game! :-P
from katehackett :
...Why the FARK would you like the redskins if you're in indiana? Even MD/DC-ers think they're crap.
from katehackett :
Dude...You farkin' CRACK ME UP. Swing by my diary sometime :o) I think you're going to become a favourite if you aren't careful.
from liastnir :
YAY RACH! Now only are you gettiong notes and visitors but... jeez.. FREAKIN A-NESS!
from skittlehead :
hey, i saw ur banner...i had to click it...who can resist a banner that says "Your stabbing my head with a fork. And it hurts." or something to that effect *having short term memmory loss here*
from liastnir :
ok Rach. 1) Yes someones counted. 2) Why not leave bob on ONE of the older pages? You could visit him whenever you wanted...
from yourusername :
see people do visit your site! I did anyway
from mandie04 :
hey girl,if you read this tonight..12/ my second diary entry of the day! it's really troubling me! go to! ttyl!
from liastnir :
Frrr-eak. In the Good Sense.
from elliot-hugo :
About the name "Ima": A wealthy man named Hogg named his two daughters, Ima and Ura. No kidding.
from shunned1000 :
wats there to say? ur freakin hilarious!
from munchkin02 :
Wafflehead - I love when you do dumb things, it makes me feel all funny inside! You go girl!

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