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from misspinkii :
Hey your secret santa here . Merry Christmas ..even though your christmas isn't that great..Vicki
from wflowerrevs :
Hey, review is done:-)
from pinkbeads :
oi aint writen to me in a while, u alritey? Get mah card k? Hope so. Annyways, as you know I am the magicaljen, so will be a ickwle miracle worker for ya if u wants dearieo:D Hehe, speak to me sooooooooooooon xx
from unperplexity :
from pinkbeads :
mornink >:-). Hopes you alrite today, getting myself back to bed now, speak after hun *hugs* xx
from pinkbeads :
hey baby;) hehe. Posted your card, and filled in your thing on email thing...:O Aint I good;) muwahah I evil, yup I know, But I talk rambling crap, so best not to ashame myself by telling people about it:p ahhh....makes sense..:O hope you alrite anyways, hugs! xx
from wflowerrevs : back, good:)Tis Jen btw, am working for wallflower reviews, so hopefully shall get to review your diary if I ask rach nicely:) Thanks for mailing me back btw, you will be getting post hun, take care, me xxx
from joxa :
hey thanks for the message. just thought id reply n say hi.yup im from barrow,goto college.laters fella.
from velvet-heart :
Never expect the worse my love, I would never hurt you. [Miss you]
from trapidi :
ur mean to shes-a-bi
from pd12 :
What is your problem you have no right to be so rude to she-a-bitch she could probably whop your ass!!!!!
from unperplexity :
hey euan, just wanted to say cheer up, don't let things get you down.
from violent-sky :
yes darling, youre completely right. i recently posted an entry which should explain it. i will take your advice & explain on the photos page [or atleast try to explain] why i do it. thank you for your advice, i appreciate you calling that to my attention. i guess i just thought that the people who read my diary would presume that i cut because of the girl i fell in love with. but youre absolutely right. i am very glad you brought that to my attention. <3 vivica
from coldapathy :
thanks for reviewing my diary. and i won't hold it against you for marking me down for my lack of extras. :) i have this thing where i think too many extras weigh down a diary, the focus isn't on the entries but all the cool quizzes and what not. :)
from werx :
Testing if this works
from some-trouble :
Hi Euan, I just read your latest entry about being depressed. From what I've read of both your diary, and Bonnies, you two have an amazing relationship. I'm sure if she *is* upset by what you've said you guys will be able to talk it through and come out even stronger than before. Take Care & Stay Safe
from eadaion :
Hey, I saw your post about customs. I use to have a personal diary (which was self-designed), but because I hated my layout so much I closed it. I currently have a diary with my best friend...I self-designed this layout too, but quite frankly it sucks. :-) I have a lot of ideas, but I stink at html and all "this" computer stuff. I was really wanting to start/reopen my diary. Would you be interested in helping me designing a layout? I'm working on some ideas. If you could get in touch with me somehow maybe we could talk about it. :-) Thanks.
from beangeled :
You could send a button to beautify, saying that you do customs ;) This way you could get people who want customs
from unperplexity :
aarrgg I really liked your MSN design, it wwas really cool :) stupid designviews just wanted to be horrible, MSN are hardly going to sure you.
from kitty-rash :
hey, just wanted to say that your layout is very creative. It very unique, I think hehe. I've never seen anything like it, good idea! :) Also, I dont read your diary or anything, but I came upon it and read something about a review that a girl "vicky" did on you/your fiance, and it seems there is some comflict with the way she reviewed your fiance or something like that. Well, don't take it personally, that girl is insane!. She is very non-sensitive about other people. Just thought I'd let ya know. She probably had to give up emotions so that she could live with her horrible self. hah! Luck with everything. Later!
from taya-wolff :
lol, your layout is amazing, i love it. xD that is all, later
from girl-aflame :
Hey... I just wanted you to know that I for one really liked your layout. I would have given you an almost perfect score probably *laughs* I'm partial to MSN.. it's the messenger I use to talk to my lover bear. And the copyright stuff.. pish. Do you think Bill Gates kept his nose completely clean to get to the top? I don't think you're going to cause his great empire to topple by using a graphic of his messenger. Rock on, says I. r.o.c.k..o.n. And I hope you don't have to sell your computer!!!!
from designviews :
Your re-review is up.
from our-views :
Your Our-Views review is complete.
from downstairs :
Thanks for the great review, I love nice people XD
from shes-a-bitch :
What the hell? Lokicat? Eh? She mentioned in one of her entries that she'd read 'lokicat'. I said that I'd reviewed her. Lokicat also has that thing where she has a few entries linked that really allow you to learn about her past, at least she did. That's what I was referencing when I mentioned lokicat in the review. Though, this is the first I've heard of lokicat from you. Now, I'm on a dial-up connection right now, AOL, actually, so I don't have the resources to look up anything. I haven't looked at your fiancee's diary since I posted the review, nor have I looked at her review since I checked it for errors. I don't intend to do either of those things. So, I don't have the will to do anything either. Just have her ask for a re-review, and specifically request for NOT me. I didn't attack her to my knowledge. I may have stated my opinions of her, but that's also the opinion of someone just reading her diary with no knowledge of her as a person. Okay, I'm bored with this. ~Vicky
from some-trouble :
I sympathise. I'm in S.E London, and the councils round here are the same. I hope that you guys manage to get things sorted out, and thanks with the help with the 4 pixels. Happy Easter to you and Bonnie.
from shes-a-bitch :
You seem to think that I wanted your fiancee to talk on and on every day about how much the rape hurt her deep down and such. I don't. Didn't. I just think that there was more going on in her head than 'I should get a job.' or 'Look at me, I'm walking.' Her style was more daylog-y, and she should have put more of her thoughts into what I read than what she did. Now, I don't see any reason why I should take peoples' pasts into account when reviewing them. Just because someone's had a hard life doesn't make them a good/appealing writer. When I'm reviewing someone, it's not fair to think 'Oh, well hey, she was RAPED, let's give her some extra points.'. And, a point on reviews that I think I'll just remind you of: they're fairly impersonal. A reviewer only knows what the reviewee tells them about themselves, and a lot of times, the daily postings don't give you much to work with. It is, therefore, a fairly impersonal assessment of someone's work, and if it's not exceptional, I will say so. You're not reviewing a person's life when you review an online diary that they spend tops of an hour a day writing in. People shouldn't put so much/any hope in the reviews they request, and they should take them as constructive criticism and move on. People care far too much about what strangers think of them, and if they can't handle someone saying something bad about their writing, they shouldn't ask for a review. ~Vicky
from some-trouble :
Hiya, I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for your review and for the great score you gave me. I've amended the areas that still showed my old template (thanks for pointing that out), but I cant seem to get the entry box and picture aligned properly - its always 4 pixels out when I add the scroll bar, and I'm not sure why). I reviewed Bonnies diary last night, and I cant believe that Diary Reviews slammed her for not continuing to talk about the rape and wrote what they did about her. I mean, somthing like that you wouldn't want to keep talking about would you? at least not to a lot of strangers anyway. I admire her strength, and I admire you too for the way that you have stuck by her and support her in everything that she does - I dont know too many guys that would do that. You've both been added to my buddy list, and I hope that you both continue to be bvery happy together. Take Care, Jo XXX
from shes-a-bitch :
Mmm. I remember 'bonnie-moo'. I understand that it takes a lot of courage to be able to put out the challenges that she overcame for people to read, and I respect that. But, from what I remember, and from how I read her diary, I suppose, she pounded out the first few entries somewhat stoically, not really expressing her feelings very much. Well, as you stated, I wouldn't know how hard it would be to be able to write about someting like that, as I am indeed quite spoiled, but I recall feeling that she had just slapped the words down. My impression of her talking about how she was raped was something like the admission of killing people by the Manson girls; that it had just happened, and that was all there was to it. She never mentioned it really after that entry, unless to say how wonderful you had been by supporting her after the ordeal. I review writing style more than content, I suppose: how easy it is to relate to someone based on what/how they write, if they really let their personality form in their diary, all that good stuff. Your fiancee in general didn't really do that. I focus on someone's total writing over the last month, and a lot of her diary was daylog stuff -not expressing a lot of emotion. I know from her first few entries that she could be a very good writer all the time, but she didn't carry it through to the end. I focus more on the end, as it's obviously the most recent, and displays the writer's style as it currently stands. You know, I feel I'm repeating the same things over and over. I respect that your fiancee has had hard times, I'm sorry she put so much thought into my review, I apologize for not writing everything very eloquently or to-the-point. However, I don't take people's pasts into consideration when writing a review, I just review their writing style, and when pretty much everything she'd written lately had nothing in it of true feeling, just 'I should get a job.' or 'We went walking.', there's not much infused emotion to get out of her words. Feel free to leave me more angry notes,, I only delete the ones that I find to be without basis. Bottom line, I respect that you've confronted me on behalf of your fiancee, and I'm sorry my review hurt her. And, I respect you for being such a loving dude. Cheers. Oh, and I'm tired, so this may have been somewhat disjointed; I didn't think reading though it would do much good currently, and figured I'd forget about it if I didn't respond now. ~Vicky
from seether-gurl :
Hey yesterday I read the diary of bonnie-moo and I heard all about you. So, today I was looking at the moo-reviews and I decided I would look at you diary. :) Anyway, I think you have a really nice diary. I like the layout. I also think what you have to say is really interesting. I think it's awful what that Vicky was saying! I think it's awesome that you are such a nice person to bonnie. I don't know either of you, but everyone could use someone like you in their life and I'm glad your in hers. Does that sound really cheesy? I hope not because I mean it!
from fight-club16 :
thanks for the review! :)
from quitenasty :
You're rereview is up at
from prowlingleo :
I guess my partner in crime deleted your notes, but I did see them before deletion. Your fiance is more than welcome to ask for a re-review by a different reviewer. However, you get what you ask for, an opinion.
from downstairs :
I like your layout, it's kinda hard to read, since it's exactally like msn.... yumm
from girl-aflame :
*laughs* Hey you changed your layout. It looks great too! I agree with the person below me, intensely original. I was wondering if you could help me with something. When you superimpose text into an image, how do you prevent it from blurring? The image looks clear on my hard drive but the minute I upload it anywhere it blurs and it's driving me nuts. I don't know if I'm using the wrong format or what... I thought you might know since you make all your own graphics and stuff. That entry of yours (and bonnie's too) was so sweet.. aww makes me want to hug my fianc´┐Ż.
from unperplexity :
wow, i love your new layout! It's so original. Anyway, I don't really know what I am doing, just randomly filling in peoples notes lol
from quitenasty :
Well then. Obnoxious indeed. I shall see if Miss Tigress wishes to re-review you. If not, I'll do it.
from quitenasty :
Your review is up.
from designviews :
Your re-review is ready, you ego maniac. ;)
from opinionshere :
from freakykat :
your entry about the yellow pages make me laugh out loud in the computer lad, *hehehehehe*
from freakykat :
aaaaawww! i can't believe you are trapped in your flat! thats horrible!!
from the-attic :
Hi. Your review is posted.
from designviews :
Your review is up!
from freakykat :
wow, im sorry you were bullied so much :( you seem so nice from what i know of you. i want to say something helpful, but i just can't, right now, think of anything :( *is a bit useless* and im sure that random strangers making comments about your life will just annoy you anyway. but i'm still reading :)
from freakykat :
hey :) i read ur thoughts on protesters :) i think ur diary rocks. i was protesting (u tagged me, so u must have read my entry, therefore i fear half of ur entry is aimed at people like me!) i was not protesting to pull the troops out tho, obviolsy thats dumb now, but i think its important that mine and people likes me make our veiws heard, so tony blair knows how some of the people feel, even if he does not act upon it :)
from diaryreviews :
review is up at
from freakykat :
hey :D I read ur girlfriends diary, she is cool :) actually, i wasn't very nice to her when she stole my layout, but i am sorry :( anyway, its weird reading your too's diaries, you seem really in love, and didn't you meet on the internet? thats so cool. i will be an avid reader of your diary from now on :)
from lambrini :
luckily i have internet explorer and the layout looks ace. hope u eventually get hold of ur assplug. gem x
from seanandjacob :
Wow I'm the 11th person to be counted on your counter. That's almost in the top ten. Remember me when you have 1011. That's all I ask. Thanks - Sean
from bonnie-moo :
awww, I love you too baby *cums* =)
from sjubla :
i like your site too. and i know how to feed cats pills if you need help! i hope the kitties get better soon.
from bonnie-moo :
eeeeeeeeeeeeee, you do rule you phewl =) but i rule equally as much :D wuv you -x-

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