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from peggypenny :
Hello, why oh why. Every now and then I read someone's diary to see what others say. I read that you like to write music. I am a songwriter, so that got me interested. I'm always hoping to write a good bridge. Ha Ha I guess this pan damn it thing is really depressing people. I keep a pretty quiet schedule of daily dance, vocals and songwriting; so it hasn't disrupted me much. Just crazy at the grocery store. My diary is at Peggy Penny, as is my web site. When is the last time you wrote a song? Peggy
from duplicitous :
I think I know what you mean about the depression. I'm so mentally exhausted, so sad and down a lot of the time, but I think the exhaustion has allowed me to appreciate the simple beauties in life, like the smell of spring and the beauty of nighttime. A lot of the time I feel like I'm about to reach some epiphany about the purpose of life. About your parent's divorce - I'm glad you're going okay.
from notunique :
it's a only recent development. I feel like it's due to college graduation coming up, moving on in life. I try to lighten by looking up quotes on death. tomorrow i'm going to check out the book you mentioned. thanks for your help, sincerely.
from theperson :
Hey, I'm glad that entry helped. It sounds like you had a really good day.
from cdghost :
enjoyed your words.thanks for letting me read them
from realthoughts :
like my earlier note, I fully understand what you are going through...I still just play along with my family sometimes and completely avoid the topic of religion. I've found ways of making excuses or brushing off questions like where I go to church.
from realthoughts :
hey, I know how hard the religion thing is. people who don't have families and upbringings and strong christian pasts have no idea how incredibly difficult it is to begin to think beyond your, yeah, i just wanted to let you know that i think it's the hardest thing i've ever gone though in my life and that at least one other person out here really understands it.
from primessa :
Mmm... heres a good idea I came across, thought you might find it interesting; * What's the one wish that's always just out of your reach? For the next seven days, pretend you've reached it; act as if it's yours; imagine you're utterly fulfilled.* I've started trying this make-believe thing and it helped me put things in purspective... if you do decide to try it, drop me a line about how it's working out for you.
from realthoughts :
hey, i guess i could email you, but since i'm on diaryland, it'll be easier for me to just leave you a note here. i really liked your last entry. i completely understand what you're saying about when you were drinking, i feel it a lot when drinking. i mean, i have fun, but it only seems to make me more aware of what i really want and am missing in life. and all that stuff about love - yeah, i totally understand. i don't want to say that it's our age, but sometimes i wonder if it is. it's just hard being in the real world and all this weird stuff that goes on. i don't know, but anyways, i really liked your entry and just wanted to let you know that. oh, and i also know the pedro the lion song, so that was cool that you included it...
from hate-mail :
We are two girls...the pranksters of diaryland. We will fulfill your requests, just leave ur name, name of the person u hate and want to send hate-mail, and what they did to u! And we will keep who u are annonymous! Leave us a note, email one of us, chat w/ one of us on AIM, MSN, or leave us a note stating who you want to send the email (both of us can or if you don't care). We will also chat with the person on AIM or MSN is neeeded...thanx and...uh...yeah.
from realthoughts :
hey, i have a new book suggestion: siddhartha, by herman hesse. it's super short, but i haven't read a book as intensely as this in awhile...if you're looking for a new book to read...
from shrinkodebt :
Hey there, you seem like an interesting fellow! I shall return :)
from grrldreds :
hey, I am doing a study for my university on college students. If you would be interested in taking the survey it would really help me out. Everything is confidential. If you would be interested email me at [email protected] and just say you're interested in the college survey. Thanks.
from wvuitbuff :
I hope u do take me up on that offer. I was doing the whole Christian struggling thing too, actually I still am, but I think I'm starting to get out of it. Anyway, I really do wanna talk to you and see if I can help ya any. If and when u do want to talk, my ICQ number's on my profile, or just go to my page and do the contact me and send me an email and then you can have my email address when I write you back. Take care. God Bless.
from wvuitbuff :
Hey. I've been wondering about some of the same things that you have also been. If you do ever want to talk to someone, I'll listen and try to help. IGL, wvuitbuff
from un-thoughts :
the site is up and running now...the theme is "things we shouldn�t think"...its for confessions, or just general things that you have struggled with or's a public diary...anyone can post. everything is kept anonymous.

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