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from night-witch :
hey, thanks for the moral support. both times. i was really pissed off that day since well, u know the story. i'm making my boyfriend's band website and people just don't apreciate the effort. it wasn't any of the band members, of that i'm sure, we've been friends since we could walk and they wouldn't dare. but it gets on my nerves that someone would do that. i dunno how people can be so sadistic and get off on making others miserable (which they didn't do, but really pissed me off). i'm all for sadomasochism in the right places (in bed, duh) but to try to ruin someone's life, nah, that's just too much. anyway, after a good threat they stopped so it's all good now again. i wrote something but i can't update cuz diaryland is overloaded with users trying to update too. so maybe later i'll be able to post it. take care, and good luck with the apartment. Andy
from arielmac :
Thanks for joining the luvmermaid ring!
from madam-rose :
i saw u listed me on your bl thank you for that and your kind words about me and my diary. *bows to your greatness*
from night-witch :
well, yea... i know i havent updated in a while. i also wanted to read ur diary but i found it was locked so i couldnt... hmm... i seem to be missing something... well, leave a note or here's my email [email protected]. i wanna be part of the circle. well, c ya. and let me in!!! plz :D
from x-anxiety :
thank you for adding me to your favorites as well as leaving me that really long note. it made my day.
from longingly :
my email is [email protected] =)

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