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from galaxyrabbit :
gingerbread is my preference over peppermint, latte-wise, but i hadn't had a peppermint in quite a while, so today it was refreshing and just what i wanted. but vanilla latte is still my numero uno favorite. (i love the gingerbread house on your most recent post.)
from themarassa :
I was on Lexapro (escitalopram). There are some really good things about anti-depressants, but I am quite sensitive to many drugs, and the dosage was just wrong. Talk everything over with your doctor, and you should be fine!
from themarassa :
Yay! I'll listen to rants any time, if you promise to keep bribing me with hotties!
from themarassa :
Oh my god how cute is SHE!?! No need to worry about Bush when we have Wonderwoman in the house!
from themarassa :
Congratulations on the new wee one!!!
from mmmme :
God I love that song.
from xvenomx :
forget all those losers that spell it with an o
from xvenomx :
hey my name is mariah also.. the lady at the bank always used to sing they call the wind mariah
from shdwcat :
i checked out the link, and i'm 13, so i can't vote, but i gave the link to my relatives. i luv your site!
from themarassa :
Oy. It's a good thing I can't vote, or I would be voting for Option C- neither of the above.
from librachica :
Good for you! So true too ppl need to educate themselves and realize the impact of their choices, especially those who opt not to vote. Good luck in Nov!
from themarassa :
How is l'etudiant francaise doing?? I hope you're having a great time with her!
from themarassa :
are you going through Nacel (the exchange company) by any chance?
from themarassa :
Wow, Mariah, go for it!!! We hosted a french exchange stuident many years back, and in turn, her family hosted me. It was a wonderful experience, and I agree totally about mending those politically burnt bridges. The crap they say about the house not being a hard-hat area, or a drive by shooting prone place? They DO say it to everyone. As long as you're normal, fairly (and by this I mean realistic, not some martha stewart on meth type of standard) tidy, you'll do fine. It woulod be a good idea for your wee one to be exposed to a different culture too. I'm so excited for you!!! C'est magnifique! (oh, and if you need a little help in French, feel free to ask me. I'm by no means fluent, but I can get by quite easily:) )
from kjgenius :
Hi! I ran across your diary a few days ago, and started reading. I think your decision to homeschool is great. It really sounds like you are going to make sure you do it right. I was homeschooled for 5 years before I went to high school, and I can remember the first year was a time when my mom was extra cautious about everything. However, by year two we had gotten into the swing of things so to speak. Praying all the best for you, Kati
from themarassa :
I know you were being lighthearted about it... I'd never expect a nasty/guilt provoking comment from you!
from themarassa :
I have a few things to say, I think I'll just cram it into one note than drive you crazy with notifications from breaking it up into subjects. Anyhow, here goes. 1) Happy Belated Anniversary! You and your husband seem so very happy, and we wish you many many more to come. 2) Thanks for that entry about the military man. It was much needed. and finally, 3) If there was a way for me to give you my cranky-twitchy-yet-functioning reproductive bits, I would gladly do it. It seems like such a waste that I am ultra-fertile and have no more desire for kids, yet some people who really desperately want to be pregnant, whether it is for the first time or the tenth time, can't get pregnant.
from bouncytlw :
Preach on are so so right. New mothers these days have no clue what they are missing out on when they screw up like doing drugs or not paying enough attention to their kids. This is by far my favorite entry by you. Many hugs, T
from bouncytlw :
I am so excited that he is flying you to florida. You need a good vacation....and it is long over due!!!! I know it will be hard not to be with Michaela but you will enjoy it i know you will. Don't worry everything will be okay!!!
from themarassa :
Thank you so much for your comment. Your take on religion was one of the most refreshing (at least to my way of thinking!) opinions on God that I have heard in a long long time. Lots of love... Amy
from themarassa :
guess who? *meow* This is my new name, and im in the process of getting things switched. Thanks for the lovins!
from girl-aflame :
umm yeah, so you can disregard that comment about pieces of you. god, that's embarassing. but the good news is that i HAVE visited your diary before and i DO like your style *laughs* just obviously from another source. maybe you left me a guestbook entry once? i never forget a URL, although i do forget a lot of other things... gods, i'm an idiot. but you read my diary, you already know that.
from girl-aflame :
*blush* thanks for the +fav..i've read some of your entries from pieces of you. i enjoy your style very much.
from myhorizons :
Great design!
from kidneygurl :
Clicked on your banner;Love your layout!
from patw-21 :
actually, I DO liek the colour

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