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from celticsinger :
Nice diary you have here, winter-child!Would you care to look at mine, too? -Em ♣
from lunchladies :
Please come visit us sometime :) The Lunch Ladies of Mordor
from invisibledon :
from raen :
To members of the diaryrings Blood Omen 2 & Soul Reaver: I have decided to make one all-encompassing "Legacy of Kain" diaryring. The new ring looks much better than the two older ones in my opinion. I will be deleting the BO2 & SR rings soon. I hope you join the Legacy of Kain diaryring. You can see what it looks like here -->
from alonenafraid : Please check out this petition and help make this poor woman's quality of life a little better. I know this is for real because my best guy friend knows this woman. PLEASE HELP HER!!!
from piecesof8 :
Hi there, this is Pieces of Eight, a new fanlisting for avid Pirates of the Caribbean fans. Would you care to join? Please check it out!
from misspinkkate :
If you love Musical Theatre, please join the new MusicalT ring, started by me!
from laurelote :
Here's a VERY BELATED thanks for joining my Will Turner diaryring!
from dombilly :
Hello Sis! Johnny...*Drools* Ooh, I love Enya. What cds of hers do you have?
from l-e-a :
Show your crybaby pride and get that code up!!
from invernal :
Hello there! Welcome to the silent love ring. Thanks for joining!
from invernal :
Hello there! Welcome to the silent love ring. Thanks for joining!
from laurelote :
Woohoo! Thanks for joining my PotC, From Hell, and Chocolat diaryrings! Yay for Johnny! :-D
from halladolwen :
Hello, my lovely shaggable wifey. Just wanted to say I LOVE YOUR LAYOUT. That song (Halleluyah) is the most beautiful song ever - definitely in my top 3 of songs. *SMOOCHES* Love, Devora
from laurelote :
...... okay, now I feel stupid. Thanks once more for joining my Karl Urban ring. *sigh* I really ought to check through all my email before thanking people, methinks.
from laurelote :
... and double thanks for joining the Jo March and Will Turner rings as well. *hugs*
from laurelote :
Hi! Thanks for joining my (Captain!) Jack Sparrow diaryring, mate! :-)
from poppyfish :
Why, thank you for joining the Jack Sparrow diaryring, pumpkin! Yo ho and all that!
from born-n-sin :
Nice diary
from poppyfish : ... Sorry, gave you wrong address in guestbook. I know I'm probably being awfully annoying, but. Yes. I'm always on the lookout for fellow Deep fans. ;)
from missused :
Thank you for joining my Micheal Vartan diaryring!
from avalonia :
Welcome to the Ever After diaryring! Thankyou for joining :))
from neekbreeker :
eyyy.. i joined this ring but the code doesn't show up in my diary wherever i put it(or try to put it)WAAAAAAAAAAA um... anyway just letting you know.. huggles neekbreeker
from grrldreds :
hey, i am doing a study on ravers for my university. If you would be interested in filling out a survey you can email me at [email protected]. Everything is confidential. Thanks again.
from caged-freed :
saw you were a member of the anti-anorexia diaryring and thought this new forum at caged-freed might interest you. check it out, if you can, and take care.
from shineystars :
i just wanna say thanks for creating a balehead d-ring. its about time someone makes one! thanks again!
from darkelf1111 :
thank you for stopping by add leaving me a note! i feel special now....
from captivated- :
Why thanks for welcoming me! and for listing the lotr rings, i was missing some of them! I influenced my friend to make the Arwen ring lol I feel so proud! hehe thansk for the props too ;)
from queenmab95 :
ThankYouThankYouThankYou for putting up the link to the Arwen ring!!! For some reason, I could not find it in the directory, but at least now I finally got to join it!!!! Thanks again!! =)
from mnemesene :
Hi! just dropping a note to say yay! you've been in norway! I dont know how long you've been a sister but welcome :) I haven't seen you there love your diary, though marie
from winter-moon :
hey! I love your writing, very open and fun. In fact, I joined a ring just because you were in it.
from queenmab95 :
What?! No Arwen ring????? They can't leave out Arwen!!!!
from xxmizeryxx :
thanks for joining my ring! drop me a note sometime! thanks!
from tocomfortyou :
Hey, hey! It's Diana/a.k.a. tocomfortyou/a.k.a. hotpoltergeist on AIM. Just wanted to drop in and say hallo, and I'm always ready to chat (and ALWAYS on AIM) so drop me a line anytime. It was nice to meet ya, and that's all for now! ~Diana
from p-brain :
thanks for joining the Gollum ring. Did you put the banner on your page? I can't find it.
from queenmab95 :
Holy DiaryRings, Batman.....
from queenmab95 :
Hi..found you on the Meatloaf diaryring. We've got a lot in common. I love your diary, and I'm adding you to my favorites list!
from sillyralph :
hey. thanks for joining the trend-haters ring.
from gbg :
Welcome to the Emperor's New Groove diaryring!
from mightybruja :
Welcome to the thunderstorm diaryring!
from shiloh26 :
Thanks for joining the Liam Neeson diaryring!
from punkrockelf :
Hey hun, it's me, Ivy, am just signed into the account for my other diary..~HUGE HUGS~ I SINCERELY appreciate the support much more than you know....and I respect you for having the guts to stand up like was very sweet of you, I honestly was not trying to offend anyone, thank you for seeing that.....maybe they hate me for being a punk or something, but whatever it is it is closed-minded and foolish.....LOTR fans-Fanatics come in all packages, so what if my package has bondage pants, elf ears and piercings?LOL! Once again, thanks for the entry...your G-Book wouldnt load, but if you reply sign my G-book if you can, I ALWAYS forget to check my notes.....and you can reply at my book if you want....thanks once again!~MASSIVE HUGS~
from unlucky13 :
thank you for joining the bittersweet diaryring.
from ravenheart :
Thank you for joining my Norway ring, you are welcome!
from ravenheart :
Thank you for joining my Frodo ring, you are welcome!
from jgstitches :
thank you for joining the ben stiller diaryring. However, i would prefer that your duary was open to the public. Having it password protected defeats the purpose of a diaryring.

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