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from dope-slave :
I live in Japan as an English teacher. My entire apartment building consists of foreigners, and we have what we call the "group room" where over the years, many previous teachers have contributed to a growing video collection. Starving for entertainment over the winter break, I was looking for movies. Among the fairly normal movies I found there, I saw "Star Crash" and saw it's ridiculous cover. So, I decided to watch it. The movie was so horrible that it would have made a perfect episode of MST3K. It featured a very young Hasselhoff as the emperor's son, a naked chick who's supposed to be a brilliant space pilot and who is obviously allergic to clothing, a pistol packing hick robot who's afraid of his own shadow and always seems to get blasted by space lesbians and bashed by cavemen, a lightsaber weilding dork who's supposed to be an android or something who can forsee the future but yet couldn't forsee a slow moving stop-motion robot sneaking up on him to whack him with a sword, a planet of amazon women and their dumb floozy bint of a queen who's almost as naked as the star of the movie, and a completely pointless space battle at the end of the movie with some cape wearing moron with an ego problem and a horrible super weapon that didn't really seem to do anything that bad except to attack people with lava lamp bubbles. Oh yeah, and it also features a 60 foot tall sword-weilding giant C-3PO looking robot with breasts. I haven't enjoyed a movie that horrible in a long time. I heard a rumor that David Hasselhoff has recently been elected king of Germany.
from jujub27 :
Hey you. Just wanted to drop you a note saying hi.
from heidiann :
Hi there! Welcome to the Kinky Sex ring. Thanks so much for joining. =)
from xxriotbabyxx :
Hey I was wondering how you get all your entries for the same day to show up all in one entry box. I'd like to do that for my journal I post like 6 times a day so it would be helpful.
from jacksg :
Muah babe, your so special and neato *evil grin* Muah
from sapphire292 :
Don't leave me Bunny, I know that I'm not here for you enough, and I'm sorry. Please let me know if I can be here for you in ANY way.
from jacksg :
So where is your special place? I figure it is somewere outside of your house. Somekind of shed or something? Sitting on the roof?
from jacksg :
Just to add on to it its jacksg not jacksq
from jacksg :
Hmmm how did I find you. It could be I linked through a lot of people and found yours and just wanted to comment. Maybe I just found you in a search through diaryland. Any would be normal for how I found you. Why the strange question, Well I have asked peopl that when I started listening to Dashboard Confessional and one of there songs says "I'd like to see you undone" and I relised that no one is ever there real-self all the time. There are just so many times I want to say to people "I'd like to see you undone" cause I want to know the real person they are and like you said not just the mask they hide behind. ^Jc^
from jacksg :
If someone said to you "I'd like to see you undone" What would be the first thing that came to your mind. What do you think they were talking about? ^Jc^
from sapphire292 :
DAMMMMMMIT. Bunny:( My rings are fucked up. Why are some of them off to the side? Their underneath my tag-board. Arf. I'm REALLY sorry to bug you, I just don't know what the fuck is up.
from xdevilchildx :
i like the song lyrics on your current layout. i think they are to papercut my linkin park. if im wrong, that song is still one of my all time favorites. and i thought it was kinda cool you got a friend named D cause i do to.
from jujub27 :
Hey, I just wanted to say I think you're a slinkster-cool bunny sailor scout! ~Promise~
from sapphire292 :
You know all these things I make you help me with(which I feel bad about) is that the kind fo thing tech support could help w/ or not? Okay well.. yes... I'm off to bed Bunny:) LOVE!
from sapphire292 :
Arf. That sounds too confusing for my about to go to bed self. But I'll try. Thanks Bunny!!!:D
from sapphire292 :
ooh ooh! and one more fucked up thing- do you know why on my old entries the new linky thing doesnt work? thank you! i'll leave you alone now... you are just Brilliant:D
from sapphire292 :
Bunny:D Hey.. do you have any idea why on EVERY fucking page a little error thing comes up on my diary? Or why on some of my really old entries the next link is broken? If you have any idea...:) Thanks hun! BOYS SUCK. *kills all boys* ahh.. that's better.
from mangofarmer :
Hey Moonbunny! I've never read that Swan Song book. I will definitely have to put it on my list. :)
from mangofarmer :
*blushes* Thanks for the lovely comment. :)

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