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from shobie :
Hi. I really don't know how I found you. But that's okay because I just wanted to say that the fade effects are really nifty. Okay, bye.
from nside-i-hide :
Nice diary.
from thecats-meow :
Yep, it's me. I have to say I seem pretty shallow on this diary, but I'm sick of being so serious.
from thecats-meow :
Hello, I stumbled across your diary and I have to say your layout is pretty awesome. I make my own layouts as well, and I was wondering if you could tell me how you got text to follow your arrow.
from soandsotgs :
hey i found this link and thought it was funny.... since you are a member of the homestar diaryring i thought you mmight enjoy it too tell me what you think
from lerin :
Thank you for joining my nose-ring diaryring! Because of the nature of the entries I am now writing, I have locked my diary. If you'd like to stop by, my username is 'secret' and the password is 'friend'. Welcome, and again, thanks. -Lerin
from rollerqueen :
anytime :-)
from xfadnstarx :
dude...fuckin love you diary...that last entri bout somebody coming back and being strong no matter how charming and beautiful they are..fuck...know how that one goes...well come to mine sometime
from xburntheartx :
=/ Ya haven't written in a while, it makes me sad. mrff.
from sickfreak :
Hey awesome writing! Just wanted to tell you tht the Giver is by lois lowery (sp).. That is an awesome book, eh? HeHe,may I add you? okay well take care! Goodbye!
from imwrong :
i really like your writing....very awesome....
from xxfadeawayxx :
I'm unlocked.
from drawtheline :
unlocked. spread the word.
from missslex :
mind if i have the password?
from xxfadeawayxx :
I have to put a lock on this, if you want to read this and I don't know you I will let you in. You will understand when you are inside.
from atypicalgirl :
It's so disgusting that people are doing things like that. That's one thing I despise about the whole patriot trend- it's happened before like back in WWI and innocent Germans were imprisoned just for being German. You think once in a while we'd learn our lesson. I'm sorry about your friend on a personal level- but just angry at the nation on a bigger level. Good luck.
from atthemoment :
i like how that note was longer than most of my diary entries. durrrrrr. I'm smart like a beaver.
from atthemoment :
hehehe, thanks for the info on that silly-silly Hot Topic shirt. That's actually interesting and probably what it is because it made like no damn sense me me! So, entertaining and informative! Bravo! hehehehe- it always makes me soo giddy when people leave me messages to atthemoment because I dont have a link to the notes on the site and I know they actually had to do some work to get to my notes! so, thank you in multiple ways! by the by- does your user name refer to anything? I dont know if it has anything to do with it but it reminds me of "Fade Away" by the Slits.
from srch-n-dstry :
Do as the prompt tells you to do and remember: Search And Destroy.

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