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from bangetsavoha :
You're on my favorite list, but it's been too long to recall who you are. You're a private account now which is fine, but I still get curious about who you are. I cannot recall.
from and-darling :
Man, like whoa... Do you eat the chicken fingers too? I love them. It weirds a lot of people out-- but god do I love them. (This is obviously referencing your dimsum trips, of course).
from mangofarmer :
The Wonder Years is back on?!?! Where/when?
from kiz :
Haha. I wouldn't sweat it too much. I basically just updated it (for the first time in over a year, sheesh!) to try to keep my account somewhat active because I don't want my diary to disappear one of these days! (but it's u: kiz, pw: kiz. brilliant, wha?
from mangofarmer :
I think your guestbook is broken. Mine is too. Oh well. What does your ego like to eat?
from ltetrovsky :
I tried leaving a note in your guestbook, but alas, I could not. In all honesty, I check for updates daily. It's a treat when there's something new!
from mangofarmer :
Newbury Comics! I just ordered some CDs from them through Amazon. Just thought I'd share, heh.
from doublebeat :
happy 26th birthday! whenever the time ticks over up north. i still got two months until my twenty-sixth. ha!
from mangofarmer :
Yes, I was referring to the orchestra. Luckily. :) By the way, Happy Early Birthday! 26, huh? The thought kind of scares me. Isn't 25 bad enough? Oy.
from doublebeat :
i forgot to post it straight away to diaryland - but just for you, it is (.) argh. if you like it, let me know, hehheh.
from doublebeat :
hey hey, it is me who used to run a sloan fansite. well sort of. do you remember the antiquity that was the 'sloanlog'? now that's way back...
from star-critics :
Just trying to spread our *new review site* around. Interested? If not, that's okay too... Hope to hear from you... Love, Star - Critics
from prevalent :
i just ate a fortune cookie :)
from mangofarmer :
Happy Birthday, and happy weekend. :)
from opopopo :
did you know that most of Plumtree is now Bontempi, and they have an album coming out soon??? wow!
from upcountry :
alan my man, if I Make It Big In The Movies, I am soooo taking you with me. hi !! =D
from mangofarmer :
Drat! Your guestbook doesn't like me today. I wanted to be 350. Anyway, happy 500! Woohoo!
from thatmarygirl :
from z0tl :
i draw a blank! seriously!
from z0tl :
from z0tl :
yay! how overrated is that? ummm, ok i'll try harder next time.
from ladygoodman :
i want plumtree back too.
from asteroidbelt :
americans listen to sloan?
from dondello :
alan? al? squirrelal? well, 'tis good to see you.
from unemployed :
right here! in stupid maine, but oh oh! i *might* be moving to boston for like 6 months while i rearrange my messed life that my 'best friend' ruined. :)
from unemployed :
from johnpowers :
Your diary doesn't suck.
from unemployed :
Hi Alan. Hi.
from mel839 :
yay! 100 yay! YAY!

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