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from tonightsleep :
sometimes i wish you still wrote in this
from joerey :
Nice diary, Fred.
from pinksummer :
yer my favorite.
from fmorrigan :
I love seeing other people from Michigan in here! Just wait for the sunlight to come back to the state, things may seem brighter for you then. I'll be waiting for it, too. My AIM is ThatsHappy, by the way.
from thewren :
friendster is for liars.
from your-friend :
dear fred, i have seen you play your music two times. MOMUS IS WEIRD. i have also purchased a recording you made. it is BIG and clear and swell. horray for you and horray for belle 'n sebastian horray horray horray...
from heartc0reyo :
i just wanted you to know that i have been secretly reading you for years. i just recently rediscovered my diaryland and rediscovered your page and remembered how great of a writer you are. i thought you should know about my secret reading. thanks for putting it out there for so long. -allison
from abwhite :
Wow, your diary makes me a little nostalgic for Michigan (former Dearborn gal). How indy are you? Do you put out your own music? If you're interested, try It's a way for you to sell your music for free. Happy random guestbook week, by the way.
from sparrowsfall :
dear fred thomas, if you don't write to me i will break your arms off and hit you over the head with them. xoxo, nicole j. georges.
from peckgrant :
your writing is charming.
from vintage-lane :
Wow. Your diary is just, wow.
from pseudoclaire :
will you marry me? -claire
from astoria :
hi fred, I am going to be in ann arbor soon. hopefully I'll get to say hi. Hope you are doing well. dorothy.
from on-a-stage :
hey there. i just talekd to you tonight. i was sort of durnk so i may have not made guys played with saves the day in milwaukeee tonight. you guys fucking rocked. you guys were really good. i talked to you and asked you for you diaryland adress. yep. well, ilike what you ahd to sayand i am a great fan of bright eyes too. they are great. you should get all their cds. just wanted to say, great show again. have a goodnight. -julio
from woodswoman :
So much sadness, so much love. Yours, and mine.YOU ARE NOT ALONE ~ i AM hereforeveralways, wanting so to understand you happy and sad. To new beginnings. Keep me posted/be well. I'm following the tour but trying not to hover.(hope this makes sense)
from jozkajozka :
hey fred. joe d here. i don't miss ann arbor yet, but i do think about you guys...
from bexx :
Y- YOu sound so interesting. The music you listen to is great. -BeXx
from east-anglia :
I had a strange dream about a Saturday Looks Good To Me performance. The majority of the audience were these rad Baptist families with bible-quote signs and they were loving it. But then y'all played that alcohol song and they got mad and stormed out of the venue.
from speed-light :
fred = good apple. fred's music = wonderful in all shapes and sizes thus far encountered. fred also = very nice and sincere person, everybody says so, this is totally the truth. see you soon.
from trampslikeus :
Fred- who is GJ?! Are you making him up? xoFrances
from sparrowsfall :
I can't take it! i can't take knowing you still exist and not hearing from you ever, so you have just got to email me, i swear . please oh please! it's killing me! love, nicole g. old old old old pen pal.
from therooster :
If find your music to be quite inspirational, not neccesarily the lyrics or the arrangements, but the fact that you are a young cat like myself and you are kicking ass and taking names insofar as you are doing what you love...thank you. If you are ever interested in a band to play with, just ask Jr about Justin Payne + the Broken Hearts...-J-
from hannahdustan :
Hi Fred. Just wanted to suggest a label for you. (Not that you'll need help with that) But there is a label called What else records that a really nice guy in Columbus, IN runs. Good luck on Saturday. Congrats on the year. I was there in the beginning. Wish I could be there with everyone to celebrate.
from savvy212 :
you are so beautiful.
from east-anglia :
Hi! I actually live in BG, Ohio, but I'm in England for a year and I just saw Andrew WK perform tonight. It's hard to describe the experience but his jump-kicks made me swoon.
from apathee :
it was so nice to see you all giddy last night. you looked awfully handsome in my hat. chris said so, too. heh. -a
from novembre :
i like your diary. if you lived near me i'd make you be my friend i like it that much. bye now.
from chaos68 :
hello......i have been this way before..and was reminded one of those long extension handle grabber thingys .....i dunno..maybe a light bulb can reach across space and time tho' we all have that ability...and maybe just take it for granted. silent type

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