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from frostopia :
Re-reading your last entry and realizing how similarly my life began to parallel your own. My former boyfriend died a gruesome death as well, but yet I still write here. Maybe I'm not quite as evolved as you've become. :) Anyways, I hope your life has become a bit brighter.
from xorbit :
I don't suppose you're around any more? I used to read starpetal several years ago (under a different username). I've been rereading your entries and wishing you had seen the light about "H" and got him out of your life before he sent you on that horrible downward spiral. If you are still around, note me sometime? Oh, and your first 2 entries seem to be missing. Any chance you could put them back? Thx :)
from herdarlinsin :
so, I wonder, since you took over Moo Review, in 2003, are you going to open it back up?
from frostopia :
of course i remember you! so glad to hear that you're ok.. i always wondered what happened to you. if you ever do make another personal site in which you write i'd love to be able to read it.. so much time has passed since you last wrote a real entry in here. i missed you.
from nettykins :
buddylist?..i mean faves..damn nerd has me talking like him now:|
from nettykins :
Hooray for a snippet of Netfreedom..its really good to know ur still with us prefer to keep you on my buddylist if you dont only delete someone that really pissed me off ..anyway i hope ur keeping well and that u can get bak here soon.
from redstarhelix :
sorry to hear what happened nina, hopefully you'll be back to better than normal in no time. ;)
from rockingchair :
relax, dont worry. You'll come out of all this on top. hugs. me. xxx
from zadman66 :
But it's the 22nd today... Damn, I picked a horrible time to come back.
from loastfer9 :
thanks for taking my survey (ages ago)! your answers were funny and your diary intriguing. now im waiting for july to appear:)
from gnu-high :
I know things are rough at the mo, but just hang in there...things have a way of working themselves out. :)
from luminaryssh :
I'm in no hurry for the review. I know you've got all this shit going on, so it's fine if it takes a bit. I know reviewers have lives too:)
from roxyelliot :
You're welcome. Sorry that I ddn't get back to you sooner, but alas I've been busy as hell. :)
from quitenasty :
Your review is up.
from redstarhelix :
great reading your diary, but i feel horrible for the stress and unlucky streak. im wishing you good luck girl...
from luminaryssh :
I'm doing my 400th entry now - and it's a special one, because I got to be there when one of my best friends gave birth! I'll sign up for the review soon, I promise!
from frostopia :
eh, how lame and immature of them. people nowadays, i tell ya..
from frostopia :
thanks, i'm trying. ;) {{hugs back}}
from zero87 :
I'm a zero!! yay!
from kaleid :
WAYHOO! You must let me know if you ever plan a trip up our way... P.S. I love your new layout too!
from luminaryssh :
oh!! I love the new layout, very nice!
from luminaryssh :
aww goddamit. I can't remember what it was I wanted to write here. Got busy doing stuff in another window, and by the time I got back here, that message had disappeared from my mind. Oh well. I'm reading ya, anyway:)
from luminaryssh :
whoot! first message to deface the previously clean walls here! I'm glad to see you're updating, and hope you get the loan:)

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