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I first started keeping a journal in 1980, as a senior in high school.

Now flash-forward a couple decades...

When I finally got online and become aware of a friend's "blog" (I prefer the term "online journal" for its more serious, manly connotations), I was intrigued; "Could I do something like that? Would I WANT to do something like that?"

Turns out, this is enough like what I've done before to be comfortable, and enough UNLIKE what I've done before to be interesting. I've been doing it for years now, and I still feel like there's "room for improvement" (An ongoing issue is how "honest" I can be, knowing the world is watching, even if that "world" consists of just a handful of people who might be reading along ).

A quick bio--I was born in West Virginia, spent the majority of my life in Michigan, and in midlife, finally commited to my dream of being an actor, by moving to Los Angeles in March of 2001 (Or as I've said in my journal, "To be more accurate, I've commited to the dream of being a PROFESSIONAL actor, because I already AM an actor" ).

I turned 45 in May 2006, I have a cat named Kipper, and my friends, both here and back in Lansing, are a big part of what keeps me going at this point (I mean that in both both practical and spiritual terms).

I've said this more than once--My life, in many ways, is much harder than it was when I lived in Michigan, but the one thing I have here in L.A. that I never had in Michigan is a sense of "possibility"; it's an uphill effort, but I'm now in a place where my dreams really CAN come true

Welcome to my world...

My favorite diaries:

hulamoons profile - diary
comments: I checked her diary out after she e-mailed me. Now I'm a fan. She's a good writer, and I relate to a lot of her struggles in life
cariboutwo profile - diary
comments: A good friend of mine. She could always write really well, and she's still got it
abigail414 profile - diary
comments: Smart, funny, thought-provoking. What more do you want in a journal?

My favorite music:

Jimi Hendrix
comments: Love the latest box set. My favorite guitar player, maybe my favorite musician period
Louis Armstrong
comments: "Hot Fives and Hot Sevens". If you don't have it, you should
Django Reinhardt
comments: Some of the most joyous music ever made.
Fats Waller
comments: "Turn On The Heat". A great collection of piano solos.
Stevie Ray Vaughan
comments: This guy could PLAY

My favorite movies:

comments: I'm sometimes embarrassed to admit it, but this is my favorite movie
Pulp Fiction
comments: My favorite movie of the 90s
Lonesome Dove
comments: After reading the book, I ran out and rented the video. It's great. If I could be a fictional character, I'd be "Gus McCrae"
The Graduate
comments: I relate to "Ben's" restlessness and alienation. It's also one of the great movie endings
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
comments: Some of it seems dated now ( The score ) but does it get better than Newman and Redford? And another great movie ending

My favorite authors:

Larry McMurtry
comments: Just "Lonesome Dove" actually, though I have read "Last Picture Show"
JD Salinger
comments: Mostly for"Catcher In The Rye", though I have read other things
Joseph Heller
comments: Mostly "Catch 22", though I have read "Good as Gold" and "Something Happened"
Elmore Leonard
comments: I wish I could write like this guy
Kurt Vonnegut
comments: Haven't read him in years, actually, but was VERY important to me in my teens and early twenties

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