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from annanotbob2 :
Don't listen to all that guff you're telling yourself about dancing. When you're there and you're standing up and the music's playing and you start with a little swaying and foot-tapping in time to the beat - you'll be tearing it up in no time. Speaking as a 67 year old who just did a silent disco, dancing with headphones, on a city beach. If you're a dancer, you're a dancer.
from annanotbob2 :
AW man, I'm so sorry about Hamlet. I remember when you got him. Hugs
from life-my-way :
I'm a semi-professional Zoomer with a very flexible schedule and I can read. If you ever need someone to read with you and don't wish to bother a friend, please bother me. I'm mkklose at and check email like it's my job. Also I'm funny, like funny af, but won't be inappropriately so. This constitutes my overreaching offer du jour, do with it as you see fit. Your devoted fan, K.
from wifemotherme :
Hi Jim! Haven't checked in on DL in years! It's nice to see you still here! I look forward to catching up.
from life-my-way :
I'm a huge Shameless fan and you're awesome in it! Wow! Kermit! I'm starstruck is what I'm saying.
from zenayda :
Ya know, I don't think I've ever seen the show, but I keep seeing your name light up in "Recent public entries" and I click through and now I really feel I need to watch it. I will favorite you here, too, though dland probably won't inform you of that. My diary is currently rather short (I archive to LiveJournal, never really trusting dland's survival), but on the off-chance that you see this note and want a new, somewhat boring diary to read, drop a line to terrimisu at aol dot com and I'll send you the UN/Pass.
from jimbostaxi :
Hi, I’m a fairly new reader and I had some questions about the documentary and wanted to know if it was ok to leave a note or two about it. Have a great day :)
from floodtide :
I don't know much about television, but I think my friend Kat C directs at least some episodes of your tv show. She's brilliant, and fun, and funny, though of course I knew her fairly well when she was 17 and haven't ever had to work for her. Good luck with the show. If you do work with Kat, please tell her Guy (from Interlochen) sends his love.
from college-kid :
That dinner sounds pretty awesome! I wonder if they have something like that in my area. Can totally relate on the food/gym front. I try to focus more on how good I feel after working out and that the results should be secondary. Keep it up, you got this. :)
from floodtide :
Hi - I think you and I may have a lot in common. I'm an actor struggling with career, etc., and I think we're about the same age. I live in Michigan, too. My diary is locked, and I realized I added you as a favorite without offering you the opportunity to read mine or even to tell you who I was, and I apologize. Username - recondite Password - phoenix I would love to correspond and share stories sometime if you are interested. Thanks.
from bantenhut :
Dr. Orajel!!! That's fantastic. Good on you for getting up and doing something about your stuff, for making an effort! It's harder than it sounds. Yay, Jim! Go get 'em!
from naomibeth :
I gotta admit, I giggled at least as much at your copious usage of quotes and parenthesis as I did at the actual words being said. I'm imagining you making the air quotes with your fingers every.single.time. lol
from bantenhut :
I loved your last entry! I'm not sure what to say, other than that I've had very similar thoughts on all counts. And also, that creating meaning in your life is important, but so is letting go enough to chill out. It's not imperative that our lives be "THIS MEANINGFUL!!!", they can just be "this meaningful." Especially if "this meaningful" saves our mental health. Great post! Very wise and self-aware.
from dangerspouse :
Happy Birthday! And many more, ya ol' codger :) Hey - you're sporting a beard now? How about updating your D-Land profile pic? (Can't wait to read Pt.2)
from integrating :
Happy New Year's Eve!
from bantenhut :
Holy crap, I didn't realize how long that note was! Thank you for reading my (highly unsolicited) advice. Good luck!
from bantenhut :
So, I was reading about your looking for meaningful friendships in the area, and I'm actually doing the same thing at the moment. Here are some things I've tried:, answering Craigslist Platonic ads, and even (gasp!) making my own Craiglist Platonic ad. Lastly, if you have an iPhone, consider downloading Wiith. I don't have this app because I'm on Android, and they're still coming up with the Android version, but think of Wiith as Tinder for friends. So: the great thing about meetup is that there are TONS of different kinds of groups, and you can be super picky - and you can go to one meetup one day, and if you hate the group members, just never show up again. Also, when you go to a meetup event, members may recommend you to another meetup group they're in, and so on and so forth. My mother met her hubby when they kept bumping into each other at various meetups. Anyway. I've responded to 3 CL Platonic ads, and one replied. We've hung out maybe 4 times or so in the past 12 months. She's plenty nice, and interesting, and more of a "let's go to a festival for funsies" type of friend. The other day, I finally got the guts to MAKE a Platonic CL posting, and I got 6 or 7 responses. 2 did not really fit, but I'm making plans with the others to go do things. Moral of the story: the more you dare to put yourself out there for friendship, the more friendship you get to eat. And the same goes for conversation. Last night at a meetup group I realized I wasn't saying anything, because I just didn't feel like it. So - don't do that. People at those groups are actively looking for buds, and many are new to the area. Get those digits, those FB contacts, etc. There's no shame in it, only room for human connection - which we all want!
from dangerspouse :
This is not a criticism by any means, veiled or otherwise. But I would like to go on record as saying it is SO much easier reading your entries when you're not able to (or choose not to?) italicize words so incredibly frequently. Is this a conscious change of style on your part? If so: bravo, and thanks!
from integrating :
I found you on the box titled "Users online right now." Was curious so I started reading your diary. It was very interesting and I will continue to keep up with what's going on with you. :)
from dangerspouse :
Jim - are you in the Writer's Guild? As a SAG/AFTRA member I thought I was covered some years ago when I was offered a writing job on a series, but it turned out to not be so. Either way, you might want to check your shop's local if you you haven't already. They might have member resources to help you in other endeavors, as they do here in NYC. (And forgive me if I'm being presumptuous by telling you stuff you already know.) Anyway, that was a pretty heartbreaking entry. I hope things pick up for you both financially and personally soon. You're right: facing uncertainty in one's 50's is extremely unsettling. All the best to you...and you did the right thing by eating the pretzels :)
from dangerspouse :
You're talented, you're driven, and you've come so far -literally and figuratively - from your roots in West Virginia and Michigan. A lot of people dream of flinging caution to the winds and risking it all to grab that brass ring. But for most, it's only a dream. YOU actually did it. Yeah, it's been hard and blah blah blah. But think how much harder it would be for you now if you were sitting in some cubicle at a faceless corporation thinking, "If only I'd....". Don't be depressed. A lot of us cowards who have the same dream but can only live them vicariously through you are depending on you! Hang in there :)
from jaysthoughts :
from annanotbob2 :
Jim, I can't tell you how moved I've been by you finding your family. I'm sitting here all full of tears at you and your mum having a real hug. Thank you so much for sharing both the good times and the bad times. Wishing you all the best. Anna x
from stepfordtart :
Hey Jim! Ive been reading you for a while now but just realised I hadnt added you to my buddy list. Doing that now - hope thats OK. s x
from annanotbob2 :
Can't see the comments box on your page any more. Sending all the good wishes I can for you to get the Friday Night Dinner spot. It was a great series when it ran here and the part you're going for has a good, weird moment in each show. I SO HOPE you get it. Or break a leg, if that's what I'm meant to say xxx
from kenny-loo :
Hello Jim! i was reading this blog and i thought about you since you are an actor, hope you check it out my friend!
from annanotbob :
I'm so pleased you got the part, Jim. Shameless was groundbreaking TV here, especially the first couple of series. I googled the us version and judging by the trailer, they're using the original scripts - Frank's introductions to each of the kids is word for word the same. I am intrigued as to how this will work out and thrilled that you are in it. Hope today went well for you. When will it air?
from ten-oclock :
Hi Jim. I've been reading you for a month, hope you don't mind. Your path as an actor interested me. Not sure if anyone told you this, but you do have an expressive face which fits well with acting.
from annanotbob :
Ha. I was going to write 'I can relate so much to what you write' and then I see that the last note was from me saying exactly that. But it's true. Wish I had some foolproof advice, but I don't. Just good wishes and a reminder that you're not alone in going through life with gloomy specs clouding the view.
from annanotbob :
I can relate so much with that entry. I was always really good at 'coping'/'struggling' but not so hot at just living. I know you weren't really asking for answers, but have you thought about maybe volunteering somewhere, like with disadvantaged kids perhaps, so that you know you're making a difference? All the best, Anna. ps what's the difference between a guest star and a co star?
from college-kid2 :
Wow! I hope everything with Castle goes well, I'm an avid fan. :)
from annanotbob :
Hi Jim - I'm glad you wrote about the whole thing of liking/not liking people you've 'met' online. So much of the struggle you have resonates with me - totally different circumstances but very similar stuff going on about self-worth and ach, everything. If you were a woman or a gay man I'd have said months ago, hey I think you're doing great and would have often been back chipping in my ten cents unless you resolutely ignored me. And I don't because - well, all that about rejection. But I'm here now, following your response to my comment about a baby on FB, that I reckon a puppy is the way to go. Just a little creature that will love and be loved and ensure getting out of the house on a regular basis. Your episode of Mad Men just aired over here - made me jump to see you right in the middle of all that. OK enough already, I'm very stoned and I'm not going to delete this, but feel free to ignore it - I can take it!
from annanotbob :
Hi Jim - I just wanted to say that I think a person who found your diary boring would have to have a soul of granite. Your struggle to cast yourself free of your childhood is heroic and it feels like a privilege to watch you succeeding - which you are, step by tiny step. Also, write for yourself, fuck the rest of us. It's YOUR diary. Best wishes x
from annanotbob :
Hi Jim, yesterday's entry really resonated with me, about carrying your childhood with you forever. I don't think there is any 'getting over it' not like getting over flu, but I do think it's possible to learn to live with it, and not be crushed. Bloody hope so. Haloscan comments are free. Best wishes, a reader x
from ghoffmaster :
Jim, my name is Gregg Hoffmaster and I live in WV. I ran across your comments on your childhood and would like to email or speak with you. I didn't want to subscribe to Diaryland, but did so just to be able to send this message. I am not sure if this is a private message or a public forum. So if you wouldn't mind, please contact me at [email protected] Thanks.
from livviej :
your as old as my oldest uncle and you are waaaaaaaaaaay older than me im in third grade
from annanotbob :
Hi - I've been reading you for a while and just wanted to say hello and good luck
from musa55 :
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from asterix13 :
hey jim! good to hear from you. yeah i barely ever come on here anymore. myspace has officialy taken over the whole of my life. pretty sad huh? i only write in here when i have something to say that i dont want everyone and their mother to know about. i mean this literally because my mother is on myspace. anyway, maybe ill see you at the arc light sometime. ive been meaning to go there and catch a flick. hope to see you there. kat*
from pourmeone :
I updated today and mailed the circle journal. Thought you'd like to know!
from theatre-geek : finally updated!
from mightydwarf2 :
OMG, Jim-- I'm so sorry to read your news about the tooth! Hope you can get stronger drugs, whatever, to dull the pain this time around. Thank you for letting me know the tape arrived. Hugs from the wee silly-one! :)
from kooklafran :
Hi-- tape number two is on it's way... hope you enjoy!
from asterix13 :
hey jim... it's kathryn from borders. i finally got a chance to write in my diary today, being that i'm at my mom's house doing laundry all day. horray for free laundy! so i just thought i'd say hello, and to ley you know that i updated. see ya in hell... oh im mean at work kat*
from theatre-geek :
Thanks for the GB note. I was worried about posting that, but maybe I didn't need to be.
from kooklafran :
6/19/04 Thanks very much for letting me know about my page. I thought it very funny when you said that about "secret writing," or me wanting to keep it that way. Sometimes when I change the color of my diary I simply type the name of color, and not the html code, so that may be what causes trouble. Was it black? I always see whatever color I pick, but thank you, again, for saying something in detail. --C.
from theatre-geek :
Thanks for the compliment. I clean up pretty good. :-)
from theatre-geek :
Wha...? No comments? It says "this user is not supergold. comments turned off" Did you downgrade without telling me? Anyway... Never heard of Stevie, but the others are great films! Seeing Bubba Ho Tep in the theatre was really COOL! I would rather get called back even if I don't make something. It's so much nicer than hearing nothing. I hate the waiting game. That was nice that JS called you. Sounds like you're moving up in the world.
from kooklafran :
5/31/04 I thank you for telling me the name of that film--"Jackie Brown." I coughed up some change. Happy late birthday!
from theatre-geek :
Re: Angel Fans. Yeah, those are the hard-assed Angel fans for ya. They get REALLY into it and then bitch when things don't go their way. Be lucky you CAN watch it people! Some people have to download every gd episode! For the record, I have never posted to the group. I am quite entertained just to read.
from kooklafran :
4/11/04 Thanks for your note! It's so great to see things clearly again. Hope my note the other day did not sound like a criticism--I thought it really funny when my husband got the mail and seemed concerned about your thank you! who is this "jim?"
from theatre-geek :
Um...Shouldn't there be a guestbook icon somewhere? Maybe I'm just tired. I am really jealous of you today. Living in L.A. with all that sun and good weather and lack of snow. It's snowing like a mofo today. I barely made it to work. As for social outings, I would much rather go to dinner somewhere with a couple friends than spend an evening doing karaoke. I want to see the new headshots when they come out! Before you shave, you should take some pictures and then shave and take some more. That way, you'll have current shots with and without the mustache.
from theatre-geek :
Thanks for the fruit advice. I will try that. Yeah, I am lazy too. I have to SEE it before I will eat it.
from kooklafran :
Jim--hope you're ok after the earthquake and all that! Did you feel anything where you live?
from meemy :
Hi Jim, my name is Sarah. I randomly came across your journal and I read that you are working on Incubus's new video. I'm a HUGE fan of the band and if you could tell me anything about the video, that would be so amazing. Thanks so much, keep writing :)
from theatre-geek :
Kooklafran recommended your diary to me. I am amazed at your guts. I love reading about your auditions and your feelings towards acting and this whole business. I just got my first paid work recently. It felt good. I am in the wrong place for theatre (Nebraska). I have often thought of doing what you're doing. Keep updating and I'll keep reading. :-)
from pinkjaxxie :
hey Jim! Interesting diary, that's amazing you've kept it for so long. well just stopping by to say hi! ~Jackie
from kooklafran :
Hello, Jim! Sorry to read about Leo. Went through this in 2001 and I waited an entire year before getting our new kitty, Charlie. It is so hard to lose a pet, and feel like no one understands. All the money we spent on Little Girl still couldn't make her well, and we had to put her to "sleep". I still miss her- for a long time it seemed like she was here, jumping up on the bed or walking right behind me. I still feel guilty like there was something more I could've done, even tho the vet said we did everything. So--I guess I'm trying to say, please feel better! And you are a great writer!
from kittykat202 :
hey! wow you've had your diary for more than twenty years? thats really imazing! well how old are you now? i dont think i could keep my diary for that long. infact iam basically quiting it
from bea35 :
I read this and I was in ah. Thank you for actualy letting things be real in this world. You sound interesting and alive. Yours has been fun. keep up this .
from msanthrope :
Hi Jim!

I have no other way to get a hold of you (since your email isn't listed on your diary and you don't have a guestbook) but I wanted to let you know that I've added you as a member of the AncientRing diaryring, but I've been unable to find the code for it on your page. I'll have to remove you from the ring if you don't get the code up 'cause it sorta breaks the ring if people can't move onto the next diary after yours! *grin*

Please add the following code to your html on either your entry pages or your older page:


If you have any questions, feel free to email me at [email protected]

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