Reflections of a Life.

Some people would say it's good to have options, doubts, fears...

because that means that you must care about where you're headed and you're just trying to figure it all out but then...what if you're making it harder instead and you know even less where you want to be?

My favorite diaries:

sr2005kse profile - diary
comments: My Very First Diaryland Diary- 2003-2009.
dylanwashere profile - diary
comments: He liked my line about johnny depp and daniel.
doing-it profile - diary
comments: Advice for the needy.
noelleness2 profile - diary
comments: My Best Friend Ashley! Love Her.
simeons-twin profile - diary
comments: "I think I'd make a damn good girlfriend and I wish for a partner to bond and do cool stuff with."
lovelikethat profile - diary
comments: Strangely Haunting.
inblondeland profile - diary
comments: this is my erika-pants =)
erikawrites profile - diary
comments: erika-pants diary #2
wickedwife profile - diary
comments: orgasmic.
defaults profile - diary
comments: daily good read!
retro-cat profile - diary
comments: older is definately cooler! i love this gal.
idontpretend profile - diary
comments: reminds me of something that once was in my own love life.
porchupuffer profile - diary
comments: love his writing style!
imalex profile - diary
comments: very nice. i dig this.
fangbanger profile - diary
comments: vampires...with an accent.
angelboy118 profile - diary
comments: "I want to have a real genuine connection with someone. Not just 'You're Hot, Let's Make Out'"
all-you-see profile - diary
comments: reminds me of me sometimes.
i-am-jack profile - diary
comments: "Sometimes I do not even realize how much of an asshole piece of shit I have been. Until I have had time to think about it"
englishsucks profile - diary
comments: "I want him to be happy, even if that means i'll never have him"
peace4allboy profile - diary
jellybones profile - diary
comments: Everything was Beautiful & Nothing Hurt.
stoner-girl profile - diary
comments: "I would like to think that we are able to understand each other without having to say it out loud. But sadly, my brain doesn't work that way, I will always need verbal confirmation"
jim515 profile - diary
comments: "Having no car this week, I hoped that, if I got any auditions, that they would be conveniently nearby and I could ride my bike"
spidey-boy profile - diary
comments: "I heard once that i'm easy to fall in love with"
eatmorepizza profile - diary
comments: a witty melancholic. i dig.
myheavyheart profile - diary
comments: a sentence says a million things, if you really pay attention.
daintylove profile - diary
comments: charming and youthful sense of expression :)
flowermouth profile - diary
comments: " He's wearing his martyr's robe under his hero's cape and neither fit him at just this moment."
in19seconds profile - diary
comments: "If I asked someone how they were doing and they actually told me the truth, I would listen. I'd stop and I'd pay attention to them, and I'd make them feel important even if it's just for a small moment in time. People need that.&
wannaxxrexic profile - diary
comments: "i hate the fact that one person can make you feel this lifeless... this hurt"
unheallthyme profile - diary
comments: "i like you when you're drunk. you're funny, charming, & unashamed."
funnyfrog profile - diary
comments: "If you think you are the person I'm writing (ranting) about, don't flatter yourself. Create your own diary and write about all the things I do or say"
tsulnagrom profile - diary
comments: "i've never really been one for sappy stuff, it usually makes me laugh with sarcasm, but when it does mean something, it's really nice."
innersolice profile - diary
comments: " I have no idea why I am doing this. Maybe I just like seeing my thoughts in text form."
gnebe profile - diary
comments: " I may not be bungee jumping anytime soon, but I feel like I see life on a whole other level now."
ericg profile - diary
comments: " At the end of the day I know I�m not a good person, but at least I�m willing to admit that fact and not be a hypocrite."
papotheclown profile - diary
comments: "Dreams do not just exist, they are constructed"
why-oh-why profile - diary
comments: "The older you get the harder it becomes to pretend that everything is going ok and you�re still going to be able to be the person you had always imagined."
hatredofher profile - diary
comments: " I no longer know what I desire, who I want, where I wish to be. I am adrift."
sniper-boy profile - diary
comments: " if i could take my paycheck and not have to sink half of it into this appartment i'd have so much more money to just dick around with."
strawberrri profile - diary
oatcake profile - diary
comments: "Real friendships aren't something you can force, and take time. The world is impenetrable without them, and so goddamn boring."
jellyfish profile - diary
as-i-know-it profile - diary
x-y profile - diary
comments: "I always hope to hear from you; some days more than most, but always"
lostgeek profile - diary
notlikeyoudo profile - diary
breathe-salt profile - diary
comments: "it's just that nothing says summer like blasting aerosmith with the windows down, legs sticky with sweat, hair damp with humidity. "
bangyrdead profile - diary
melonyellow profile - diary
fallen-angyl profile - diary

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