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Who I am...easier said than done. My name is John, and I'm a 37-year-old partnered gay man living just outside of Denver, Colorado, where I've been since September of 2001. This move has been nothing short of a fresh start in my life, and a homecoming of sorts (even though I've never lived here before). The intention of this journal is to capture the day-to-day thoughts that roll through my head, as well as act as a type of therapy for me, since I handle issues in my life much better when I verbalize them. So consider yourself shrink-for-a-day, and analyze away!

My favorite diaries:

Huntington profile - diary
comments: Blame him for this public airing of my ramblings...and he's a sweetheart to boot
HanknBG profile - diary
comments: D'oh! We seem to have a pretty similar perspective on the world...my condolences to the Yellow Man
pocket-pool profile - diary
comments: I'm hooked...and I swear it's not because of the pics and stories (okay, maybe that's PART of it)
TheTexan profile - diary
comments: What's with "The" these days? When did everyone get formal on my ass?
swimmmer72 profile - diary
comments: Found on a banner...trying to get caught up.

My favorite music:

comments: For some reason, her voice makes me happy...'nuff said!
Mary J. Blige
comments: Joy and pain, sunshine and rain...
Chris Cagle
comments: Country music for a guy with a LITTLE sensitivity
Everything but the Girl
comments: Intelligent, thoughtful, groovy...everything good music should be
Kylie Minogue
comments: So worldly, so welcome...it was love at first sight!

My favorite movies:

Good Will Hunting
comments: Troubled young man finds his place in the world...man, can I relate
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
comments: Movie of the Gods, Movie to Live By
Saving Private Ryan
comments: Makes you appreciate the sacrifices others make for you to live
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
comments: I cry every time I hear Charlie's mom sing "Cheer Up Charlie"...I'm misting up right now just thinking about it
The Hours
comments: Amazing movie...really spoke to my belief of living life courageously.

My favorite authors:

Patricia Cornwell
comments: Love a good murder-mystery
Robert Frost
comments: Accessible...and I mean that as the highest of compliments
Bill Watterson
comments: Yes, he's a cartoonist, but some of his dialogue has made me think much more than entire novels have
Darby Conley
comments: Absolutely brilliant...and I live with Buzzy's cousin, Ashton, so I can relate COMPLETELY!
J. K. Rowling
comments: All right...I'm hooked. There's five books, and they're in five different locations of the house. It's MAGIC!

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