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In A Former Life I Have A Feeling I was Amish

My favorite diaries:

monsa2 profile - diary
comments: I have so many stories about monsa. She is an adventuress (is that a word?)
chiv profile - diary
comments: been reading and teasing him for years now;;just like so many other girls
dutch-cheese profile - diary
comments: one of my oldest and closest friends. She lives in the Netherlands now..lucky duck!
haloaskew profile - diary
comments: Wow....funny! When I hold up a mirror..sometimes haloaskew is looking back..reminds me of myself in many ways!
delighted profile - diary
comments: "If someone was in love with me and they said, "if you leave, everything will break." I'd stay forever." WOW.
jodileebee profile - diary
comments: I don't know why I didn't add her before now..duh! We have things in common, I do believe!
ruthiebat profile - diary
comments: She is a bunny healer and sometimes thinks she is possessed by Screamin' Jay Hawkins!
hobbstweedle profile - diary
comments: I love her. She is simply the most caring and creative person I know!
for-you-only profile - diary
comments: I feel like I've been watching her grow up. She is young but in many ways extremely wise and she is UBER creative.
stepfordtart profile - diary
comments: Just discovered her. She's entertaining, a good writer, and funny.
tattoobelly profile - diary
comments: Randomly read a few entries. She's funny and she talks about poop. I'm in!
banjomobingo profile - diary
comments: no reason (besides he lives only a few hours away from me)...random reading..he's interesting so far...
lovestruck-0 profile - diary
comments: we have things in common: love of cats, love of alone time..
fightn4life profile - diary
comments: She's very kind!
dummbunny profile - diary
fatcowww profile - diary
comments: A new discovery!!
lostasyou profile - diary
comments: possibly my 20 years younger doppelganger (esp. musical tastes, holy batman!)

My favorite music:

comments: Arthur Lee is the MAN! My god! Also Chocolate WB, Seeds, Standells, MC5, Stooges, Monks, Fairport Convention,Troggs, and lotsa other 60s and neo garage
comments: nostalgia for lost youth. Also: Heartbreakers, D4, Saints, Scientists, Siouxsie, Joy Division,Pagans,Dead Boys..
Sonic Youth
comments: Schizophrenia is taking me home. Also: Jonathan Richman,Wire, Mission of Burma,Gang of Four, Big Black,Pj Harvey,Pretty on the Inside era Hole,..Trail of Dead,Tubeway Army,Television..
Rolling Stones
comments: Between the Buttons..great album. Mick circa 1968/SEXY!! Cocksucker Blues
Sixteen Horsepower
comments: This band sends shivers up my spine..(I also like Woven Hand, Lilium, Rev. Deadeye, Munly and the Lee Lewis Harlots..I want to move to Denver, I think!) Also: Grant Lee Buffalo,Neil Young, Old 97's, Uncle Tupelo, Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, CCR, Nick D

My favorite movies:

Wizard of OZ
comments: poppies, witches, monkeys, sparkly shoes..duh!!
Harold and Maude
comments: Bud Cort is soooo cute!!
The Graduate
comments: no explanation necessary
Wings of Desire
comments: beautiful cinematography, poetry, Nick Cave, yea!!
Lady from Shanghai
comments: Orson Welles...a 100% genius!! I love all his stuff, actually!

My favorite authors:

Hermann Hesse
comments: Steppenwolf, Demien..just perfect books to me
Margaret Atwood
comments: I loved Alias Grace. It gave me nightmares!
Amy Tan
comments: magical
Isabel Allende
comments: super-duper magical
Flannery O'Connor
comments: Yikes!! A bible salesman running off w/a poor girl's false leg...lovely!

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