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Hi. I'm assuming you want me to put some things in here about myself, telling you who I am, and what I like. ::shakes head:: Not here. I'm gonna let you figure me out...If you wanna know more about me read my diary. Yes, I'm giving you permission to read my diary. =�

I'll just tell you this much: I love music, it's a major part of my life. My friends rock, & are one of the few reasons I enjoy life. Top three bands are: 1)AAR; 2)NHOI; 3)AFI or Rooney

I'll let you in on the little secret that I went to Warped Tour. That was the best concert I've ever been to. Read about it in my diary if you want. I got quite close to a few rock stars. =) ;) I even got to meet my Tyson. =D Yes, my Tyson. ;)

Oh yes, and California also rocks. Great fun over there this summer.

Summer 2003 was the best summer I've ever had. I'm sure you could figure that out by reading some of my entries. But the summer's well over and I'm an almighty freshman at Nouvel Catholic Central. ::sigh:: (It's not as bad as I thought it would be)

My favorite diaries:

duckie69cb profile - diary
comments: We're friends..You know...Tight n Shit... "He was pretending to be jacking off. It was funny as hell though. I had him call Allie and do it over her voicemail."
nimrod1727 profile - diary
comments: She seriously rocks (Nick Wheeler's socks)!!! ;) lol "Lucky Allie....he was all over her!" Anywho...She's a good friend..A very good friend..She's about as mad crazy about Nick as I am about Ty....::sigh::...
charmsk8er profile - diary
comments: "I want Gob and Bowling For Soup's CD like a fat kid wants cake... that was cool right? Double Quarters says that right? He's cool right? He's "in?" Yeah... I'm down! ;) " (also see noauthority)
thisisme14 profile - diary
comments: "I want to get a tattoo. I want to dye my hair green. I want to go skydiving. I want to be extreme."
aubriannna profile - diary
comments: "Boy, oh boy. Am I a little fucked up in the head or what?"
letters2dad profile - diary
comments: I really liked this diary. It's a very inspiring diary and she's a really good writer!
xjustakidx profile - diary
comments: Beth's poems...She's really talented
pura-vida profile - diary
comments: "It's a wet ride to oblivion, so travel safely and don't forget your towel!"
somberkirky profile - diary
comments: "I'm gunna change my template today...hm yep that sounds like the highlight of my day! haha."
lees013 profile - diary
comments: She IMed me and we talked..=) She's also an AAR fan.. "I'm nottt! putting in any emotions for this entry because yess its quarter to 10 and no. Just no."
rockmysockx profile - diary
comments: "if you noticed the "oral sex, donations excepted" button on the main page then you should understand this part of my diary."
loser-gemini profile - diary
comments: "i hate people. die die die."
riotgirl86 profile - diary
comments: "I must have a pretty pathetic life. Here I am, sitting in front of my computer, staring at a picture of Johnny Depp for inspiration as to what I should write in my internet diary."
allamrcnrjct profile - diary
comments: "i do everything in the summer for one stupid reason, there isn't anything else to do! "
punksrule profile - diary
comments: "Yeah fucking right. I was never shy. I'm not sweet."
paperedheart profile - diary
comments: "summer is half over .. i wasted a month doing nothing it's great .. "
american-emo profile - diary
comments: "I guess i'm as real as a girl with one screwed up life can be."
seven-syns profile - diary
comments: "I'm sitting for the second time tonight, facing a blank little box on a computer screen. A box to which I am expected to pour out heart, soul and essence to."
ifuckenhateu profile - diary
comments: "i heard someone say when i walked past "there's the new girl. i hear she's a suicidal crazy loner." wasn't that nice."
viciousgurli profile - diary
comments: "I was just sitting here,and all the sudden i started crying..not all intense or anything but a tear rolled down my cheek,and its funny yet weird..because I have no idea at all why. "
gc-barbie profile - diary
comments: "And then I didn't write ANYTHING about ANYBODY...so HA! You don't get any information about my love life, thank you very much. "
xmestchickx profile - diary
comments: "Why do they care so much about what other people look like? I don't go to some preppy-looking chick i don't know, saying she's a bitch or whatever."
x-toxic profile - diary
comments: "Next topic, why do people have problems with me if I'm quiet?! Seriously, people have problems with me all the time, because I don't talk much."
noauthority profile - diary
comments: "It's fun to watch that video close to the TV cause it'll to a full screen shot of Pierre's face, and when you're close to the tv... well it's just beautiful. " Oh yes..and Pierre is allll hers! So there! lol
torn02 profile - diary
comments: "and i also hate people that are "huge" AAR fans because tyson is so fine. *rolls eyes* hardly anyone even knows nick exists..." Amen! Oh yeah..and her layout kicks ass!!
layanegg profile - diary
comments: "Fuck those mother trucker ov 'security.' i hate them so damn much. they are evil sons of bitches. ahhh!"
colddarkness profile - diary
comments: "Us, teenagers, adolescents, whatever the community among us refers to us as, has no idea what goes on in our lives. "
justagirl913 profile - diary
kelscantwalk profile - diary
comments: "im so weak right now.i dont know whats up with me anymore,i dont know whether i have feelings for people whether it is love or hate."
nofaithleft profile - diary
paperxheart- profile - diary
comments: Refer to seven-syns. "You can't really feel a song unless it's your own words & your own emotions. & to me, music is about the emotion & passion, not just a killer guitar riff...although that helps."

My favorite music:

All-American Rejects
comments: Kick Ass Music!!! All of the songs on that CD rock!!! I'm obsessed! And Tyson's hot, but thats besides the point. =) lol They're even better live. Even though the crowd is fucking insane we gotta make the best of it!!! Hell yeah!
Never Heard Of It
comments: Never heard of it? Don't worry..You soon will! They fucking rock!! And Jeff is my good friend!! =) Woooooooo!!!!!!!!! lol
Simple Plan
comments: They're an AWESOME band!!! I saw them in concert three times now..They rock!! And David's hot..but then again the rest of 'em aren't to bad looking either..lol..Plus they appreciate ALL their fans and are really down to earth!!!

My favorite movies:

Just Married
comments: A great movie packed with jolly good fun! lol
comments: Rather entertaining movie..Tad different at times..But you know..lol
Detroit Rock City
comments: "Dude!! They make scary movies that start out like this! Dude!! They make porn movies that start out like this!!" lol...Every time Becca comes over we watch it. =)
Jackass the Movie
comments: Funny stuff.

My favorite authors:

Tim Burton
comments: Yes.

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