You Are The Loneliest Girl in the World

I'm human... What more do you want of me? The words you seek will come by me, and our lives are all the same. Darker things will occur, and the strangers know my name. Think whatever you want to.... I do it all the time.

My favorite diaries:

ladeeleroy profile - diary
comments: Capable of pinpointing reality: "I'm just a person that likes to write every once in a while."... or bending it like a straw: "My skin is red not because I'm Native American, you bigot.. it's because I'm the devil."
molkolover profile - diary
comments: English humor and voice at its best. Dland isn't the same without your glitter, Becca.
ashre profile - diary
comments: A unique and talented perfectionist. Gone.
bebelua profile - diary
comments: If you love the moon....
itsmylife profile - diary
comments: Comedy is watching a kid and his skateboard....
nightlynews profile - diary
comments: The Excess is just enough. Personal is beautiful.
quantum87 profile - diary
comments: "These words describe me but they do not define me." I miss you, Allysha.
emala311 profile - diary
comments: "I'm fucked up.... Have a nice day." I'm hoping you come back, Liz.
echobaby profile - diary
comments: Even expecting the unexpected doesn't prepare you for the gift. Robin's got a blog somewhere else, now. I miss her.
ninabean profile - diary
comments: Always intriguing. Need I say more?
screemingink profile - diary
comments: Such poetry and sheer expression is always a joy to find. Although updates are rare, they are meaningful.
fiendling profile - diary
comments: Ashre's diary reborn. Damn, gone again.
theslyjester profile - diary
comments: "I have a deepseated need to impress myself....ooOOOoo.... Cheers." I like him. He makes me laugh even on days when I feel like I can't.
chaostheory- profile - diary
comments: {Used to be quantum87} She is still the poet goddess that speaks the thoughts I'm afraid to acknowledge.
hanged profile - diary
comments: Pictures and streams of words that try to explain away the awe I feel.
dyingisanart profile - diary
comments: Living is tragically passive, but somehow, she manages to go on.
anaz-gurl profile - diary
comments: Sophie. Always beautiful no matter what her weight. "I dont wanna die. I just wanna be thin." R.I.P. Sweetheart: 10/8/88-08/20/05
meatballiz profile - diary
comments: Yay! Liz returns and continues her saga. Life is good.
fu-fu profile - diary
comments: I laugh til I cry. Then get hiccups. I swear if this diary ever dies, I might go with it.
edgarfrog profile - diary
comments: This guy. You have to read it, here are your instructions: the squeamish look away, the uptight get a life, and the cynical laugh like hell.
anexperiment profile - diary
comments: Virgins have to stick together. LOL.
cedar-avenue profile - diary
comments: Ninabean's other diary: "Here we go again. Starting anew on a fresh blank canvas."
thedailywtf profile - diary
comments: Essentially, she hasn't stopped updating. "Why is it only funny when it's about someone else? It's not. It's funny all the time even when it's about you."

My favorite music:

Cary Brothers
comments: Fortunes could fall upon your kiss.
comments: Just for those bad days.
The Killers
comments: "Mr. Brightside" is haunting me; stuck in my head with joyous spinning.
comments: Soulful. Music you can feel.
Snow Patrol
comments: I've got this feeling that there's something that I missed.

My favorite movies:

The Cell
comments: Visually and psychologically stunning.
A Beautiful Mind
comments: Questioning the dreams your mind creates is never easy.
A Clockwork Orange
comments: Stylish film where the villian wins. Finally.
28 Days Later
comments: "Plans are pointless. Staying alive is as good as it gets."
comments: "Wanna go to a party?" Dee Snider rocks.

My favorite authors:

Stephen King
comments: Too bad he's retiring.
V.C. Andrews
comments: From beyond the grave....
Thomas Harris
comments: You've got to read "Hannibal".
Dean Koontz
comments: "Whispers" will chill you.
George Orwell
comments: "Nineteen Eighty-Four" & "Animal Farm" are brilliant.

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