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You've stumbled upon the most crushing time of my life. Care to stay and watch the tormenting festivites?

Really, I don't mind, you can watch me fall.

Just don't help me get back up.

I've always done it alone.

My favorite diaries:

andipants profile - diary
comments: Cold Fusion IS scientific you 'uter nerd! ;) I <3 Andi-Pants!! *hehe*
exalt profile - diary
comments: she's probably too good for me, but i love her diary all the same.
frailhearts profile - diary
comments: levi is the one person who has stuck by my side through thick and thin. i <3 him, the musician, the friend, the brother.
fearthescarf profile - diary
comments: broken hearts, mending friends, super girl.*has stopped updating haha*
fungus profile - diary
comments: lots of feelings, huge heart.
ghotihook profile - diary
comments: fellow RHV fan, good read, awesome girl.
jwinokur profile - diary
comments: justin is front to back hilarious. this is the one and only diary i have ever read front to back.
kylieee profile - diary
comments: kyliee grabbed chris carrabbas ass and thought of me, she's a number one girl! I aspire to do what she has done and more. hehe
lost-puppys profile - diary
comments: my ally, photographer, excellence
i-d-i-o-t profile - diary
comments: her layout rules, she can write, and she's a fellow dash fan. chris carrabba look out, we're going to come for you some day....
radiolaria profile - diary
comments: another diary that i can go to and be interested no matter what, it's just the way she writes... whether its a good or bad day, it's catch-ie.
msmongi profile - diary
comments: partners in the breast wars, we know how hard it is to find cute shirts if you have more than a hand full! Down with small chested shirts!! hehe
spamdoll profile - diary
comments: sam needs hugging, and i would hug her, because in hs i was voted most huggable..... she is kylie's partner in crime
skarekrow profile - diary
comments: he likes my diary, and my cleavage, one of the typical male traits. ;)
xxalonexx profile - diary
comments: awesome
neptunebaby2 profile - diary
comments: she is so wonderful... and she deserves more than what she believes she does.. i'll be her erotic cinnamon girl anytime, bring on the whipped cream! ;)
youcutmedeep profile - diary
comments: artistic, sad, and pesimist.
shellofaman profile - diary
comments: his band name is not something i like, it's rather drull.
mrs-c profile - diary
comments: incredible
yorkie2002 profile - diary
comments: explosive
ecovlke profile - diary
comments: we share the same fear of spiders, they suck. but I hate all insects..
art-is-dying profile - diary
comments: sweet
achameleon profile - diary
comments: ever changing
emo-anthem profile - diary
comments: She just rocks... i love her diary, her layout, her! she's too cute!
damik profile - diary
comments: no one should have a "trevor"
pale-rose profile - diary
comments: a creative writing diary that is absolutely fucking fantabulous. she IS A writer

My favorite music:

Dashboard Confessional
comments: Further Seems Forever, The Blue Collar Society, Jimmy Eat World, Saves the Day, The New Amsterdams
Alkaline Trio
comments: Ultimate Fakebook, Brand New, Weezer, New Perennial The Ataris, John Mayer, Our Emotional Trinkets, Levi Walden, Saves the Day,
Bright Eyes
comments: The Gloria Record, Tori Amos, Jewel, Michelle Branch, The Rocking Horse Winner, Rachel Cantu
The Get Up Kids
comments: John Mayer, Death Cab for Cutie, The Red Hot Valentines, Cursive, The June Spirit.
Something Corporate
comments: Hopefully, one day, pop punk will rule the world, well, hopefully not, because then I probably wouldn't like it, because the fucking radio would play the hell out of all my bands and it would suck ass, and I would hate it.. that's enough.

My favorite movies:

comments: as far as i know now, i don't think that any movie deserves to be listed with this one. if you have a suggestion i'll watch it.... subtitles and all.

My favorite authors:

James Patterson
comments: Knock your fuckin' socks off psychological serial killer detective stories
Jonathan Kellerman
comments: almost the same as My fahv Patterson, but not quite, his wife Faye Kellerman isn't bad either I hear
Mary Higgins Clark
comments: Writes mystery/suspense novels.
J.R.R. Tolkien
comments: Um. He is one of the, if not, the BEST ever.
Chris Carrabba
comments: He is one HELL of a fucking writer. Will you marry me? *hehe*

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