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A well-seasoned chronicle of my attempts to juggle an overrated job, a married man, great sex (and lots of it), my ex-almost-fiancee, yuppie friends, a history of illness (physical & mental), a dysfunctional family, falling in & out of love, not nearly enough money, 2 cats, 3 housemates, motorbike lessons, lots of red wine and an occasional cigarette or 3. I am a human being and this blog reflects my humanity.

My favorite diaries:

aloka profile - diary
comments: Her life is like a move
jwinokur profile - diary
comments: Devilishly eccentric and incredibly funny
airtheorchid profile - diary
comments: Deliciously naughty (have posted here twice)
hot-crumpets profile - diary
comments: A wonderful woman
ergoatlas profile - diary
comments: Awestrikingly inspiring - what a way with words
violet-leigh profile - diary
comments: His beautiful wife
grenjelybean profile - diary
comments: Different... and kinda cute
sweetabsence profile - diary
crashintome profile - diary
comments: "You'll never know dear just how much I loved you"
sasori-gal profile - diary
comments: My dearest, dearest Dland friend
jason75 profile - diary
comments: Talented writer who is incapable of bullshit, Witty, sometimes cynical.
jillchafe18 profile - diary
comments: Sista's foreva!
teena79 profile - diary
comments: She reminded me that no one is alone. We all suffer.
ejaculated profile - diary
comments: In-fucking-credible
flickabelle profile - diary
comments: Me, all over again
mcearstix profile - diary
comments: Fascinating to watch as she wanders through life
mollyx profile - diary
comments: Devastatingly hillarious
ash3r profile - diary
gilberto profile - diary
comments: "the world is no longer a romantic place. some of its people still are however, and therein lies the promise"

My favorite music:

Ministry of Sound
comments: The Annuals, Hard NRG Anthems, Chillout & Poolside Sessions... All my favs
Incubus, JBT, RHCP, U2, Snow Patrol
comments: For your alternative days
JTimberlake, Timbaland, Nelly Furtado,
comments: Hip hop/funk/pop blends
Pete Murray, John Mayer, Norah Jones
comments: Smooth as vanilla
Kylie, Delta, Dido
comments: Classic pop mistresses

My favorite movies:

My favorite authors:

David Eddings
comments: He creates a whole other world, epic in proportions
J.K. Rowling
comments: Without a doubt
Colin Falconer/Mark D'Arbanville
comments: My all time inspiration, Cleopatra - and of course The Naked series
Kathy Reichs
comments: Only the best
Tess Gerristen
comments: Ditto medical thriller

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