watch me make up my mind instead of my face.

i'm happy. ain't feelin' sad. i got sunshine in a bag. i'm useless, but not for long. the future is coming on. it's coming on.

My favorite diaries:

meccii profile - diary
comments: she's my friend. she's cool.
bathtubmary profile - diary
comments: such a refreshing breath of real-ness. and very cool, too.
weetabix profile - diary
comments: funny and honest.
imthecat profile - diary
comments: i am way too easily amused, and it's so very funny.
mirik profile - diary
comments: very real and interesting.
shutupmom profile - diary
comments: she is seriously the best thing since sliced bread.
hodgson profile - diary
comments: great banner ads, man.
realjesus profile - diary
comments: i'm probably going to hell for it, but i am busting a gut.
automouse profile - diary
comments: like reading a book, but it doesn't end.
wicked-sezzy profile - diary
comments: oh can i please be your best friend? plllleeeeaaase?!
bra2002 profile - diary
comments: he found me, and i'm glad.
scanzilla profile - diary
comments: sometime, like when i'm reading this diary, i laugh so hard i cry and start choking.
queenmaria profile - diary
comments: haven't read it yet; but i want to check it out, and this is my only way to remember the name.
expatrica profile - diary
comments: i want to live in London too!
kitchenlite profile - diary
comments: she's doing much better than i am.
kitchenlogic profile - diary
comments: i want her fabulous aesthetic AND her sense of humor.
jenne1017 profile - diary
comments: it's really a crime that i haven't added her sooner, seeing as i've been reading her for months and months.

My favorite music:

bod dylan
comments: not a band, just a man. but pretty much the only one you need.
st. etienne
comments: so cool it hurts.
sleater kinney
comments: i want to be them when i grow up.
comments: um, they changed the shape of rock and roll forever...need we say more?
talking heads
comments: just really good.

My favorite movies:

annie hall
comments: sometimes i think i'm half diane keaton's character and half woodie allen's.
run, lola, run
comments: so smart, so detailed, and i want hair that color.
the graduate
comments: it feels absolutely real to me, and the Si and Gar action doesn't suck.
fight club
comments: incredibly and slyly subversive.
the sound of music
comments: i don't even want to hear your mockery. it's the best movie ever, and that's just the way it is.

My favorite authors:

ernest hemingway
comments: i want to be the female him, except without the alcoholism and suicidal tendencies.
jumhpa lahiri
comments: i wish i had written the last story in her first collection. to me it's perfect.
charlotte bronte
comments: a true individualist and feminist. she had it figured out long before most people.
andre dubus
comments: his prose is clean and real and beautiful all at once.
e.b. white
comments: someone else i want to be. he is a truely eloquent writer, and he lived in Maine.

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