a boy in the breach, leaping through hoops of fire to get where he's going

My favorite diaries:

actionhero profile - diary
comments: former member of the Justus League, still fighting the good fight with both guns drawn.
ciannait profile - diary
comments: one who stalks fan-fics in the nebulous light of the moon. and she giggles.
hoochiepoet profile - diary
comments: playing the "talking game" can get you in just as much trouble
kideternity profile - diary
comments: what can I say, but.... SUPAH GREG! NUMBAH ONE! ... and she makes a wicked awesome DNL cake.
magistrate profile - diary
comments: don't know 'im, but it's wit and wisdom (sort of) all around
malraux profile - diary
comments: and again
nesrop profile - diary
comments: She's got nothin' but enthusiasm and a love of the vagina.
newcollege profile - diary
comments: Because I'm a student. Or so I've led people to believe.
wheeloffish profile - diary
comments: will you take the red snapper or what's-in-the-box?
zim-dib profile - diary
comments: will rip out your cortexes through your eyesockets and use them in a bizarre ritual to contact the lost spirit of Plath.
estrodome profile - diary
comments: the estrodome... it's domestic!

My favorite music:

The White Stripes
comments: a seven nation army couldn't hold me back
comments: there's definitely no logic to human behavior
ZZ Top
comments: because I'm from Texas... or maybe it's because they're good.
Aphex Twin
comments: check out his music videos. check out his music. Watch out for giant teddy bears with monkeywrenches.
Pink Floyd
comments: Only the greatest rock band ever ever ever. Their music turns my brain into minty blue pudding.

My favorite movies:

The Evil Dead Trilogy
comments: These movies eat my face.
Ghost in the Shell
comments: Major Kusanage kicks my ass, and I like it. Neo-utopian police states, gun battles, and uber-intelligent information networks all bundled into a single anime. What more could you want?
Perfect Blue
comments: If you like anime, you like Hitchcock, or you like both: watch the damn movie.
Neon Genesis Evangelion
comments: Not a movie, an anime series, but worth mentioning here. Watch it, especially if you consider yourself some kind of neo-christian or post-modern deist or some shit like that.
American Beauty
comments: This movie is all that is post-modern living.

My favorite authors:

Don Delillo
comments: I'm afraid of Americans.
JRR Tolkein
comments: And Tolkein said, "Let there be fantasy." And it was good.
John Keegan
comments: Keegan. Word.
Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.
comments: He's a sap for Kennedy, but a damn good historian otherwise.

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