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from musicus-deus :
cool new layout. being broke isn't fun. how'd you set up your rings page?
from kideternity :
Hey there...we'll be in town for graduation, Bill's got our cell # hope we can meet up during the hectic-ness of it all. love KidE
from kideternity :
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You're the Bacc, Byaaaaach!
from kideternity :
GODD LUCK ON YOU BACC!!! (Or break a leg, or whatever). Drink afterwards. LOTS. love KidE
from sbspsd :
Hi there, we are pleased to hear from you. We just need a bio (at least more than 6 lines) and you're all set! Some pointers though. Please send all completed reviews to the email listed on the site, and please read through a few reviews done by us in the past to get a hang of the scoring. If you need anything, just ask. Thank you again. I was also wondering whether you have AIM/MSN or any instant messaging service so we can talk to each other.
from kideternity :
hey..on your sex treatise...just remember (I know, because i AM one): Fat girls fuck better. We have to. We can't just show up to the occasion. We have to, so to speak, bring something to the table. Let that warm your heart. love KidE
from kideternity :
Or a note... (must be logged in)
from sbspsd :
Hi there. This is Sepia Reviews. We're currently looking for reviewers and your diary is pretty good so could you help us out by reviewing for us? It's a diary a week or so - nothing heavy (more if you can!). Let us know. Thank you!
from mojo1915 :
Hello there! I hope you have fun watching the fireworks, if you watch them, tonight. ~Jesse
from collegemate :
hey. great page and impressively human life. you remind me of why i attend new college. i hope it doesn't freak ya out that i go to school with you. im afraid that i can't tell ya who i am until you tell me who you are first. i feel compelled to stress, however, that i think we could gain a lot from one another. i deeply relate to your interests, fears, psychoses, and joys. send me an e-mail if you want to pursue this possibility.
from firewen :
very deep indeed
from darkness16 :
Hey, thanks for sending me a note... I'm glad you think my layout is OK... I really really like your site... It rocks ... later -Darkness
from preceptionss :
precept n 1: rule of personal conduct. This is a new public diary, and actually, there are no rules.
from firewen :
but, uh, thats not a very halcyon typr template
from firewen :
i love your name, i dont know what else to say.. but that any one who refers to them self as a peaceful subconcious journy, definatly deserves someone to admire them.
from asteroidbelt :
yer diary is a good read. people use to find my site via google searches for underage boys cause i once made a joke about hitting on them at an all-ages show. yeesh. and i understand the need for guilty pleasures ie. eminem but trust me if you don't listen to mainstream hip hop you'll find out he's not talented at all. yeah. that's my ramble.
from alioth :
don't you dare try to credit me with brilliancy, you. see what it got you, now? and it's sneaked i tell you! sneaked!
from stensen56 :
cool layout
from guthrie :
10% of the population isn't stupid?
from retard-grrl :
hey, HELLo. You have an amazing diary, I must say i'm impressed. or maybe it's just that you seem to share my fascination with Jhonen Vasquez/Jhonny the Homicidal Maniac... ok i'll add my diary to the wsburroughs ring, wouldnt want any mugwumps coming after me, and perhaps i'll add you to my list of fav. diaries, you'll be the first. that is if i can get myself to be bother to do either.
from che :
do i have to have a stupid link on my diary? +yr. diary is good
from iamametaphor : i joined your burroughs diaryring. i only did it because you told me to at 2am; and because you used the word "mugwump" within the 3-sentence request; and because you have a list of 'shit you hate' adn one of 'shit you like.' ha...i just may get along fine with the likes o'you. come play with me next time you feel like adhering your insomnia-infested eyeballs to a computer screen at all hours of the night.
from kll :
Good to know. I haven't read that book. I've just read a book of short stories and few other of his short stories. I bet all junkies wish Jizz is heroin.
from kll :
I'll look into that... But I hate rings. They are exploitive. People might actually read my site. Then what? I'd have to respond to these notes all the time. What a burden. What is a MugWump?
from dazy81 :
Thanks for joining the weeeeeeee diaryring. Drop me a note or email if you want the squirrel pic :)
from parrynight :
welcome to the ring fellow hedonist...

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