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So, who am I? I'm me. There is no one else like me. I'm a former wild child all grown up and still looking for adventure. Hell, I have graduated into life's madness and I bow down to no one. Life to me is about self-discovery and emotions. I'll share these if you wish to listen but I'm gonna make some mistakes on the way so I am not perfect. There will be pleasures of the flesh such as love and sex since I am very vocal on my love of them. Since I've been tamed, school comes first, though.

If you are a hardcore feminist, religious nutcase, extremely stupid, self-centered, or a follower instead of a leader, just fuck off! Weak people bore me and I'm not here to babysit your whiney weak mind.

By the way, my nipples itch as I type this.....

My favorite diaries:

lostincoma profile - diary
comments: My hero is the little brown girl that could. The penguins are coming! Hooray, hooray as 4 years and then some as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles rage on!
nikep profile - diary
comments: This dude idolizes me. What can I say? You have to like a guy that respects a woman of quality.
ravengreen profile - diary
comments: My girlfriend, the painter, and overall, the only person allowed to yell at me.
pipersplace profile - diary
blueavenue profile - diary
summerroll profile - diary
comments: Do girls fart? Apparently, they do.
zuzus-petals profile - diary
comments: Photos and a real life punk. Do we toast or hope for a beer in CBGB's?
evilsuccubus profile - diary
randomrabbit profile - diary
swimmmer72 profile - diary

My favorite music:

comments: "I only smile in the dark. My only comfort is the night gone black"
The Corrs
comments: They put me to sleep....but in a good way with soothing sounds
comments: Too many songs remind me of life's many journeys
Pink Floyd
comments: Nights of staring at stars and watching that gig in the sky
comments: These songs saved my life at odd times

My favorite movies:

comments: A roller coaster of emotions with ass kicking women
The Sopranos
comments: Its a show BUT it is my favorite
Fight Club
comments: My roommate's dad said I am Tyler Durden
Ginger Snaps
comments: Werewolves and Ginger. Canada just isn't the same
Lord of the Rings
comments: 5 times just isn't enough! Arwen is beautiful as ever. Oscar!

My favorite authors:

J.K. Rowling
comments: Harry Potter books are about life in a dorm--my dorm!
Stephen King
comments: I read IT twice and it still scares me. We float down here.
Kelley Armstrong
comments: A strong take-no-shit woman that just happens to be a werewolf! A boy can dream.
Many authors
comments: I've read many books as a kid so there really isn't just one author that gets my jollies. There's so many stories to enjoy!

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