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I have highs, I have lows, and I have no problems with talking about them.

My favorite diaries:

cyberkitty profile - diary
comments: The greatest person in the whole world! I love her loads!
valgaavd profile - diary
comments: This be Neko. Anyone who reads my diary regularly will know who Neko is :-x
xianmorgan profile - diary
comments: X. If you don't know who *that* is, then you obviously don't pay attention when you read...!
darklily profile - diary
comments: I'm inclined to call Lily my best Diaryland friend :)
fuego profile - diary
comments: Rebecca and I didn't used to get on. And now we do. And I wish we'd been friends sooner!
nej profile - diary
comments: One of the most understanding people I could be fortunate enough to know :)
jeffboy profile - diary
comments: Such devotion in someone his age is a rare thing, and something I will always admire.
ladyirony profile - diary
comments: A friend of Lily's. Has linked me at least once. I must start reading :)
oddgoogle profile - diary
comments: You are not alone in your weird hits!
quoted profile - diary
comments: OK, OK, I'll add it...
davinathecat profile - diary
comments: The drugs don't work, you know...
nakedflames profile - diary
comments: A diary that reviews crap diaries. I'm one of the reviewers :)
ayamatsumoto profile - diary
comments: hide girl! hide girl! *squeeeeeeee!*
dumb-custies profile - diary
comments: My public diary. Post your stupid customer experiences!
no-answers profile - diary
comments: Miranda's new diary! Yay!
torch profile - diary
comments: We share a love of tim tams :)
sexual-ident profile - diary
comments: Interview site. Which I will apply to once I pick three entries...
herkinerf profile - diary
comments: I'm adding this diary just for the entries on the misuse of the English language - I'm not the only pernickety one :)
tokyopixie profile - diary
comments: She like cosplay. I like cosplay. This be good.
dymphna profile - diary
comments: "Crouching Geekgirl, Hidden Lesbian". I like :)
virtuallynic profile - diary
comments: Should have added Nicky a long time ago, really. Thanks for recommending me on almostlegal! :)

My favorite music:

comments: Japanese rock band. Extremely talented, and I want to lick Kohshi Inaba :)
comments: Another Japanese singer. Sadly, he's been dead since 1998 or thereabouts. He was so good too! And a nice piece of ass! :)
Bad Religion
comments: US punk band, they've been going since 1980, when they were all still in high school. My absolute favourite non-Japanese band!
Cherry Filter
comments: Mad Korean rock. Alanis crossed with Tairrie. I swear.
comments: Yes, I do like the music! The fact that I'd do the lot of them has nothing to do with it! Honestly! :)

My favorite movies:

comments: Believe me when I say that this is the SCARIEST film you're ever likely to see. I was terrified, and I'm not easily scared!
Requiem For A Dream
comments: Horrible but wonderful. Watch this film and you'll never ever EVER want to do drugs. EVER.
Lost Highway
comments: This is either one of the most astoundingly complicated plots I've ever seen, or it's utter nonsense from beginning to end. Either way, I liked it!
The Green Mile
comments: Sheer brilliance. A wonderful, touching story set in the most bleak environment imaginable. I was disgusted when this was denied an Oscar in favour of American Beauty. Bah!
What Dreams May Come
comments: I like the way this film makes heaven look.

My favorite authors:

Patricia Cornwell
comments: Crime authoress, most of her novels have been about forensic medicine, a topic close to my heart. Her older work is better than her latest stuff though.
Arthur Golden
comments: Author of "Memoirs of a Geisha". If I hadn't have seen the "Fiction" note, I would have believed it was a true story. Extremely enjoyable book. I'd like to read more from him!
Yukito Kishiro
comments: Creator of "Gunnm" (released as Battle Angel Alita in the west). As good a storyteller as he is an artist, I'm looking forward to more manga from him!
Jhonen Vasquez
comments: OK, he's a comic artist, but he's capable of simultaneously producing pretty deep, psychological plots AND humour, and that can only be a good thing!

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