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Another addition to the masses of blogs and journals already published online, this one serves no other purpose other than be a place for me to vent, swoon, gripe or natter about stuff that takes my fancy. Therapy in a way, and all for under $50 a year!

My favorite diaries:

fleye profile - diary
comments: "Ooo, I love being scheming. Even when I look like a leper."
poggy profile - diary
comments: "I have bought into the meaningless trapings of capitalism and materialism and godammit, I want that life."
chermie profile - diary
comments: "I think I'll go down for some milo thingies later."
iseemonsters profile - diary
comments: "You know, i think that maybe sleeping with someone in the literal sense is even better than sleeping with them."
randomfacts profile - diary
comments: "Porcupines float in water."
secondclass profile - diary
comments: "If it goes where it's supposed to go - who cares if it's cherry flavour."
blackskirted profile - diary
comments: "Does compulsive e-mail checking count as a hobby? I refresh my e-mail all the time, just hoping that somehow a new message will appear."

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