c'est fini

So talk kind to a stranger cuz you never know oh it might be an angel knock knockin on your door...

-Ben Harper

My favorite diaries:

My favorite music:

comments: massive attack,curve,paul van dyk,sasha,hum,suicide machines,ben harper,lots and lots more
Sleater kinney
comments: dingies,slackers,at the drive in,ani,emm gryner,ben folds,

My favorite movies:

comments: "now...try coughing.."
Babbettes Feast
Snoogie Boogie
comments: Dogma,Mall Rats,Clerks, Chasing Amy
Righteous Indie
comments: Memento,Trainspotting,State and Main,My Big Fat Greek Wedding,Amelie,Scent of Green Papya,Red Lantern

My favorite authors:

Paulo Coehlo
comments: he filters out the harmful gamma rays..and the love is felt..Alchemist...Pilgrimage..Valkyries
Virginia Woolf
comments: Erica Jong,Susan Sontag,Simone De Beauvoir,Marge Piercy,Laurie Anderson,Gloria Steinam,Emily Dickinson
Thomas Merton
comments: Karen Armstrong,Ben Carson,Dietrich Bonhoeffer,CS Lewis,Grant Wacker,Thich Nhat Hahn,TS Eliot
Kurt Vonnegut
comments: Steven Pinker,Dave Sedaris,Jonathan Franzen,Tom Robbins,Nick Bantock,Douglas Coupland,Andy Warhol,Daniel Wallace,Salinger,Irvine Welsh,
Gods of my youth
comments: Thoreau,Emerson,Walt Whitman,Robert Frost,Pablo Neruda,Bukowski,Kerouac,Ginsberg,Burroughs,Octavio Paz,Dylan Thomas,William S. Shakespeare

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