Meet Koogle.

Yeah, yeah. I know I never update this thing. I assume that anybody who wants to know about me will spend the time to read over the 600+ entries here; that's just the way I am.

My favorite diaries:

quoted profile - diary
comments: saves me from, you know, actually reading new diaries
miguelito profile - diary
comments: always has something to say. OK, I mean something interesting.
blivet profile - diary
comments: still says "caf" when he means "cafeteria" and I love that
jerseygrrl profile - diary
comments: vague crime scene details, what more could you want?
chinacat profile - diary
comments: always makes me think of something
fuckart profile - diary
comments: turned me back on to sweet tea, which can't be beat
fedward profile - diary
comments: my evil twin. 'nuff said. click the link.
astrogirl profile - diary
comments: has moved. follow the link to her real journal.
smoocher profile - diary
comments: the pause that refreshes, the first diary I ever linked
malice profile - diary
comments: just vague enough to keep you guessing, just specific enough to matter
lara profile - diary
comments: kicks ass. seriously.
fanmail profile - diary
comments: Haven't read fanmail? Go. Read. I'll wait.
smartypants profile - diary
comments: makes me say "been there" but not like "been there, done that"
freud's fa profile - diary
comments: good god, y'all.
donnagirl profile - diary
comments: can sing like nobody's business. really. I've heard her.

My favorite music:

My favorite movies:

My favorite authors:

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