sorry. i locked it..

someday, i might UNlock it. for now, here's my new address.

My favorite diaries:

Pharmakon profile - diary
comments: my brilliant brother who will smoke you under the table.
Talularuth profile - diary
comments: if she had the Agent Smith power to turn into EVERYBODY, i think it would be okay.
goodfallen profile - diary
comments: a guy who has issues with his "hat"
avelande profile - diary
comments: i have a picture of this girl puking in a pink toilet.
tornadobird profile - diary
comments: 123 picnic stole my drummer. but i guess they do better shit with him, anyway.
perceptions profile - diary
comments: unless you're andrew, how can you be famous on diaryland?
sketchgal profile - diary
comments: 3 words: shrooms and balloons
mdzc profile - diary
comments: epitome of a scenester
thejanechord profile - diary
comments: a stranger that makes me sad
wilder3 profile - diary
comments: once upon a time, i had a gold membership and this guy did my surveys.
dyke profile - diary
comments: addicted to reading these entries
junklard profile - diary
comments: so busy being an artist/philosomopherist, he doesn't have time to update his diary.
othelladub profile - diary
comments: why do i flirt like jean grey?
firebug profile - diary
comments: firebug's head exploded when she watched tank girl.
hankthebeast profile - diary
comments: the kim to my chee.
itsjustmeliz profile - diary
comments: adopted little sister who showed me that even scotland has a marginalized asian population
ebm profile - diary
comments: i usually mentally assasinate indie rockers/hipsters, but i'll let this hipster live for keeping me oddly entertained and visually stimulated.
thumbsntoes profile - diary

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