My life in caricature...

These are the things I know:

1) Perception is everything. You think therefore you what do you think you are?

2) Very little can pep me up or bring me down like the well written line of song.

3) There is only _one_ catch, catch 22.

4) If there is an important choice to be made, count on me to dwell on it incessantly and then, at the very last moment, choose at random.

5) Reality is only as real as our minds are conditioned to believe it is, there is no spoon - see number 1.

6) I am still learning many, many things I ought to have learned by now.

7) If it makes perfect sense to you, then please..tell me. I hate to dwell on things incessantly.

8) The world I see, is not the world you live in. I'm helpless to communicate the differences.

9) Above all else, I seek the mind of another that's on my wavelength. I'm not at all certain such a mind exists. To date, I am alone.

10) It's become apperant that the stronger my desire for something, anything, the more that something wants nothing to do with me.

11) My greatest sin is living as I think I should, not as I feel I should.

12) Indulgences fade, but consequences remain � short-term vs. long-term, choose and choose well.

Masquerading as a man with a reason

My charade is the event of the season

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My favorite music:

Stabbing Westward
Our Lady Peace

My favorite movies:

Donnie Darko
American Beauty
Nightmare Before Christmass

My favorite authors:

Daniel Quinn
comments: Ishmael & The Story of B
Joesph Heller
comments: Catch 22
Chuck Palahniuk
comments: Fight Club -- this is how I want to write
Douglas Adams
comments: Everything!
George Orwell
comments: Down and Out in Paris and London

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