Adventures in Moral Inversion

Well, I am a child molester, I have sex with animals, I use IV drugs, I am a serial rapist, and I like Celine Dion. Oh shit! I apologize for saying that.... I don't really like Celine Dion.

My favorite diaries:

dirty-a-sid profile - diary
comments: First diaryland diary I found worth reading all the way through. Fellow Dallasite.
hodgson profile - diary
comments: I don't remember how I found this guy's diary, but I think it's probably the most well written one in all of diaryland. I've never communicated with him, so he didn't ask me to list him, but I figured I would anyway.
lapisllong profile - diary
comments: Quirky, high strung, beautiful and intelligent. Who could ask for more?
perceptions profile - diary
comments: No longer at Diaryland, here instead:
MadJack profile - diary
comments: German commie who found this loudmouth American capitalist pig to be interesting. That in itself is worth a look!
Johnpowers profile - diary
comments: A close ally. We share the same viewpoint on almost everything. Well written, and an enjoyable read.
Weetabix profile - diary
comments: Pretty funny and well written. I hate her for it. :)
Unclebob profile - diary
comments: Uncle Bob is a fellow KKK member. We have been attending rallies since we were kids, and actually burned our first cross together. Plus, his diary is extremely funny.
TheCritic profile - diary
comments: Young, naive, and funny as hell. Poor Larry.
Anabels profile - diary
comments: Obvious health nut, but at this point I haven't read enough to know more.
joiedv profile - diary
comments: Interesting. Awkward outlook on life. Definitely a thinking man. Or woman.
myself--asis profile - diary
Cortesia profile - diary
comments: Holy shit... translate to English, please...
Arianrhad profile - diary
Contessina profile - diary
comments: Contessina
Helderheid profile - diary
Reinraus profile - diary
comments: Passworded
corrupt4evah profile - diary
comments: Passworded
Falloutgirl0 profile - diary
loo-loo profile - diary
Acid-Reflux profile - diary
Miserytasser profile - diary
Blooded profile - diary
Chocamom profile - diary
comments: Passworded
StarKatJenny profile - diary
Trinity52104 profile - diary
Keystrokes profile - diary
comments: Passworded
captslack profile - diary
ms-turner profile - diary
comments: Newest Buddy!

My favorite music:

Pink Floyd
comments: Classic. Anyone who doesn't like Pink Floyd is either unworthy or an outright liar.
Mo Wax
comments: Acid Jazz spinmeister extrordinaire
The Crystal Method
comments: If you don't have 'Vegas', you need to get yourself to the record store as soon as possible.
Smashing Pumpkins
comments: I much prefer their older stuff... Siamese Dream. Melon Collie wasn't that great, IMHO
Lenny Kravitz
comments: I have now forgiven him for shaving his dreads, but I never stopped liking his music.

My favorite movies:

Pulp Fiction
comments: Okay, seriously, the best movie I've ever seen, for all the right reasons. Gets better every time I see it.
comments: This movie was banned in my hometown when it came out because it pissed the Baptists off so much. A very accurate account of the Southern drug culture.
comments: Well, not just Clerks, but every Kevin Smith movie ever made. The man speaks volumes to my whole generation.
Pink Floyd The Wall
comments: First DVD I ever bought. Doesn't that speak for itself?
comments: Ice Cube and Chris Tucker make this one of the funniest movies I've ever seen.

My favorite authors:

Henry Miller
comments: Tropic of Cancer was banned in this country until 1963. Any author who can get banned in the U.S. has my respect.
Stephen King
comments: I've read most of his novels, including the ones nobody bothered with.
comments: The father of modern agnosticism. Constantly in trouble, he somehow escaped persecution by the Inquisition. It's a good thing, too, because he was the most insightful man of his time.
comments: The Old Man and the Sea, The Sun Also Rises. Classic American author.
J.K. Rowling
comments: Harry Potter a children's book? Sure, but it's a lot of fun for adults, too. Rowling isn't the best author on the planet, but I love the Potter books so much that I had to list her here.

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