behind these hazel eyes <3

amber..20..aspiring pro wrestler..licenced driver and cosmetologist..drives a 2001 pontiac sunfire..into heavy metal and rap lottery on..

~RiP Dave Williams of Drowning Pool. *1972-2002* ~

-R.I.P. Eddie Geurrero 1967-2005-

My favorite diaries:

perceptions profile - diary
comments: bobby rules. amen.
dancinggypsy profile - diary
prncsaimee profile - diary
insideaway profile - diary
comments: another wwe fanatic...wooooo
punk-loser profile - diary
comments: "i kind of wonder what the hell would happen if you got everyone in the house to take E and chill out under the black lights listening to pink floyd and the doors and giving each other backrubs."
chikmagnet profile - diary
comments: i miss this diary.
sketchyboy profile - diary
heatherbird profile - diary
comments: i get her zine :)
andrew profile - diary
comments: the man.
aim-e profile - diary
comments: you left me :( if you ever check this, write me at [email protected] :))
mixtape- profile - diary
comments: alex's[aka chikmagnet] new diary...heyyy
candelabra profile - diary
comments: hana's diaryland...i get her zine and she is fucking awesome.
tarted-heart profile - diary
comments: wwe fanatic :)
bezelbub profile - diary
zansbitch profile - diary
slynn profile - diary
comments: i applaud her wonderful review ofbritney's reality show. :)
burnthelight profile - diary
comments: rena rules <3
trappedinside profile - diary
alter-bridge profile - diary
amyleerocker profile - diary
hissandtell profile - diary
comments: always a good and interesting read :)
corin-nemec profile - diary
comments: wwe fan from england :)
renamonster profile - diary
comments: rena's back =)
callmestcyr profile - diary
comments: another big mickie james fan and she rocks as well!!

My favorite music:

comments: i have always loved korn no matter what they sound like. i acutally really love the crazy shit they put out!
drowning pool
comments: they can still rock without dave....but dave will always rule! the new guy is fucking
papa roach
comments: i love the new cd,,,'be free' is my theme....
comments: bam margera said it right....HIM is the best band on earth!!
dandy warhols
comments: recently discovered them on a mixed cd that i had...i love the dandys!

My favorite movies:

comments: dude, i dunno why. it's such a cute movie, and i just love it. and jason biggs rules.
the waterboy
comments: this movie was tha best! can do it! adam sandler is the shit!
comments: love this movie..rose mcgowan played a good part...haha. 'i can made you, and i can break you!'
austin powers
comments: omg i love these movies. me and my little cuzins imitate them all the time! especially fat!
the ring
comments: i love the part when she comes outta the tv. i also love two.

My favorite authors:

steven king
comments: dont really read his stuff but i really like the movies that are on tv.
jeff hardy
comments: i love his poetry and the lyrics he writes.

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