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from diary--user :
Hi, I just recently joined your Bo Bice ring, but I noticed that the picture's link is invalid. I know you haven't updated your diary in a while, but I thought I would tell you anyway. If you have hosted your image on diaryland and your gold membership expired, might I suggest using to host your images. Your membership will not expire there.
from callmestcyr :
Hey, I just joined your Alexis Laree ring, which is great by the way. I was surprised to see a ring dedicated to her because she really doesn't get the credit she deserves. I too aspire to be a pro wrestler, so it's cool to see someone else that's interested in one of my idols and a female interested in becoming a wrestler. I'm miles away from my wrestling goal but it would still be interesting to talk to someone else that's interested in the same things. Long story short, I hope to talk to you one day =) Nice ring. Maya
from forever-dork :
Hey, I know you don't know me, but it's super awesome to know that somebody else likes Randy Orton too! None of my fam. likes him but me! Lol, well seya :)
from renamonster :
Hey thanks! I haven't gotten around to re-adding anybody yet, but I promise to get around to it. It's actually good to be back. For some reason I really missed this place. :) Later gator.
from celtickatt :
Thanks! I just remembered I had a note to check, sorry! Thanks again for the "good luck with Trent" !!!
from emu-head :
Hey! Just wanted to say thanks for joining the Al Pacino diaryring!
from celtickatt :
Thanks for joining the CKYMusic ring, and thanks for already having the code up!
from moretoknow :
RML 4 lyph! (To those of you no current on 1983's New Kids On The Block terminology that reads: "Rocko's Modern Life is a most excellent show.") Thanks for joining up on the ring!
from insideaway :
Yeah I saw that shirt. I cannot wait to get my hands on it! It's $20 right? Was the shipping really that scary? Good thing I worked a few more hours this week...I'm going to stop rambling in your notes now. Have a lovely day! :)
from tarted-heart :
Girl, I am soooo jealous of you I am literally green, sounds like you had THE most awesome time, and an awesome show! you are so lucky! tc! ~
from tarted-heart :
You are so lucky! but so am I as I am going to Raw too! in April!! tix go on sale today, I am so stressed about it, lol. It will be the second time I have seen WWE live, last year I saw Smackdown. It's going to be awesome!
from tarted-heart :
I know! I was so pissed off when I heard Mike got runner up, but in a way I knew dan puker was going to win, man I hate him! lol. hey I hope you get ur shirt soon (if you havent already) I may even get one myself- haha.
from tarted-heart :
hey! thanks for adding me and yeah, I am huge of mike too, although I never had really heard of him till tough enough, lol. And I went to his site and checked out his shirts, they are cool! I think I might even get one- check ya!
from mixtape- :
hey. I checked my other account and well I wanted to let you know that I've had a new diary for a long time now. (this is the username).. and hmm.. just in case you don't know yet.. my old username was "chikmagnet". <3
from aim-e :
hey chica! Well the WWE that's coming is going to be a house show. I WISH it was live, but never is in Minneapolis for some odd reason. Oh wellll. It'll still be sofa-king awesome :D. Aaaand I got my tickets TODAY and we're on the main floor so I'm exciiiiiited. DID YOU WATCH RAW LAST MONDAY?! Wasn't that messsed up haha. My RVD moved to SMACKDOWN.. poor poor man =(. Aright.. I betta go. Lata <3333
from aim-e :
wow I haven't left you a note in a L O N G time. How ARE you my dear? And GUESS WHAT :D the WWE is coming to Minneapolis, my town in like 5 weeks =x sooo I think my sis and I are going. woooo excitingggggggggggg. Stay awesome you sexy bich <3
from faded-souls :
Well, I didnt think WM was that bad, in fact, I think it was pretty awesome, but I guess it was the first PPV I have seen live so yah. I agree with you about all the matches, Goldberg vs. Brock just sucked ass, and I actually felt sorry for Brock, and my best friend had the same opinion about Taker lol, and his little outfit. I loved the Jericho vs. Christian match, I dont think while i've read you (correct me if im wrong) i've heard you mention much about Jericho, or Christian..I'm guessing ur not a fan?
from heatherbird :
hey, haven't read your journal in a while and wanted to let you know i really like the new layout!
from aim-e :
holy fuck )(*#$#(*$)# AWESOME freakin picture, my dear <3
from aim-e :
WHAT RVD SHIRT IS IT? (#*$(*#$)#(*$# Wouldn't that be crazy if we had the same shirt? hahaha I THINK SOOO. Well, I tried to watch for your sign but didn't see it. But I didn't see the WHOLE show cause I had other shit to do and my roomie kept needing me in the basement of your dorms sooo yeah. I'm glad you had a WONDERFUL time =D Lata <333
from aim-e :
Have an AWESOME time at WWE. Get Crazy =D!
from aim-e :
I will look for your sign. It's awesome =x
from aim-e :
haha you NERD, you went boarding for 20 MINUTES. I watched american idol too.. and saw that dumb bitch in the blue shirt. hahah she fucking sucked.. just sang some gibberish. I CAN DO THAT TOO. muahahah. Glad you got some money now.. See you <3
from aim-e :
yeah you are going to look awesome when you go to WWE, i know it! and yeah, you gotta save your money. last time i went, i got an RVD shirt ahh it's kickass ;). I wanted more stuff, but that shit's EXPENSIVE so start saaaaving :D. Lata <3
from aim-e :
hahah you big shopper you. just DON'T go below zero bucks in the account.. that'd be a bitch.
from aim-e :
you lucky BEAST.. i wanna go. MAYBE THAT OTHER GIRL IS MEE?! hahaha later.
from zansbitch :
I love Jeff...have you heard his music?
from aim-e :
awesommmme! I wanna go with you :(( haha. i think they're coming here sometime this month but who knows. RVD RULESSSSSS.
from aim-e :
how was RAW tonight? i missed it cause i was working :(
from aim-e :
hey I added you on AOL but you're NEVERRR on.
from aim-e :
haha we seem a lot alike.. joking around with people, watching wrestling, go snowboarding, hate school.. yea that's me too ;). Well.. maybe you like school, i dunno. But ya i better go snowboarding SOON or i'm gonna FREAK haha.
from aim-e :
YEAH! the hardy boyz rule ;)
from too-kute-4-u :
hey i dont know how I found you but ur page is really interesting. *~Kutie~*
from dynomiited :
from insideaway :
Happy belated birthday!! I love your RVD pic--very cool. And yes, I have watched RAW, but I've been too lazy to write about a matter of fact I think I'll go write about it right now!! Thanks for the inspiration! :) Have a great day!
from megl42 :
Welcome to the Queer Eye ring! Cheers queers!
from iamalanwhoru :
Wow...the first entry I read...the one about your new CD player, I knew that you were cool. Then I looked around, found your music...made you cooler..=]. I'm putting you on my favorite diary thingy...=]...and your guestbook wasn't working for me..=(
from starry79 :
Thanks for joining my wrestlemania ring! I was beginning to think no one would. hahah
from veryraven :
HI! Welcome to the Scorpion King diaryring. Thanks for joining ~Raven~ at :) I stuck around and read some of your diary..very nice !
from insideaway :
I totally agree with you on the whole Kane thing. I think that whole storyline is just plain stupid. They had better have something REALLY good in store for him in the future because he was too much of a solid figure. And they should have done it on a pay per view! It would have had a better startling effect. Anyways, I'm done ranting. :)
from insideaway :
Back again, I was just looking at your pictures and noticed the one with the Hardyz pendant. Rock on! I wore mine in my senior pictures. :)
from insideaway :
Love your diary and love the new layout too. It's nice to know I'm not the only wrestling junkie around here. Yak at ya later.
from tablemember1 :
Oh, and I forgot you put: AND you like wrestling? WOO HOO!
from tablemember1 :
YOUR NAME IS MULLET! That is SO cool! Yeah, just thought I'd let you know. Do you have a mullet?
from badlybeaten :
Just curious to see what a mullet diary looks like.
from morbid-lover :
Your diary is like one big GIF file. How are you going to get readers to focus on words with so much action going on around them?
from fallenorra :
hi thanks for joining the Evenscense ring. I like your diary.
from lezbian :
I'm just letting you know that I read your diary! Check mine out if you'd like :)
from tearswithin :
hey there mullet! You said stalkers were welcome so look you got one. yay! I was looking up people that live near me, and your name was the first one to come up. Your diary is very neat. I like it. Mine sucks...I just made it today. Message me sometime on aim or icq.
from captivated- :
Hah I came here to see the diary of a mullet =D
from forleafclovr :
Welcome to the Hey Arnold diaryring and thanks for joining! ~Lindsay~
from machogirl7 :
Hi there, thanks for joining the shorties diaryring!
from slash-mel :
Thanks for joining tatu diaryring.
from machogirl7 :
Hi there, thanks for joining the snowboarders diaryring!
from rubygloom :
heh heh. i <3 your little name thingy sign in thingy log in WHATEVER THE FUCK ITS CALLED thingy. read my diary it sucks but leave me a note.
from tri :
w0ot! i love hoobastank and jeff; AND your zine! happy birthday; rock on!
from neko-carre :
Welcome to the eyebrows diaryring! ;)
from preceptionss :
this is random

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