The Official Grand Magistracy

Herein lies the exploits of the Magistrate, a tortured soul with delusions of grandeur and a penchant for the dramatic. And yes, "exploits" is the right word. Don't believe me? Then read the fucking diary.

My favorite diaries:

unclebob profile - diary
comments: All Hail the King of Diaryland.
MornGlory profile - diary
comments: For the longest time, the only thing I've said about MornGlory is that she's "one of the single coolest people I know". Well, that does not describe well enough what a badass she is. Maybe I'll be as cool as her one day.
PorkTornado profile - diary
comments: That is one hilarious bastard.
DangerSpouse profile - diary
comments: I love this guy. Only DangerSpouse can talk about complete filth and sound so damned classy doing it. Plus, he's kind of my "Diaryland mentor". Heh heh. The motherfucker never expected that kind of responsibility.
apeachynymph profile - diary
comments: I love Peach. I think of her as the little sister I never had, so you'd better be fucking nice to her or I'll kick your ass. Oh, and besides a few spelling errors, she's a good writer. Like I'm one to talk about spelling mistakes.
excogitate profile - diary
comments: New name, just as wonderful, and leaves me notes from time to time. So you know how much I love her. And you know what? Even though I haven't seen a picture of her, I'm willing to bet vital parts of my body that she's hot as hell, too.
chillier profile - diary
comments: What a pleasant surprise! I checked diaries to which I was a favorite, and I was lead to this bad ass diary. And not only is she cool, but also a Red Sox fan. God bless you, Chillier.
kiosh profile - diary
comments: Another total surprise! And he has a higher opinion of my diary entries than I do, which is totally flattering considering his own diary. Sweet!
moon-blood profile - diary
comments: I met moon-blood at the same time as kiosh, but for some reason neglected to put this marvelous diarist on my favorites list. I suck.
sunkist919 profile - diary
comments: A complete surprise for several reasons, not the least of which is skill in writing. A wonderful diary.

My favorite music:

comments: No question. Best band ever.
Bad Religion
comments: This is where most of my vocabulary words come from.
Dropkick Murphys
comments: A few buddies, a few pints, and you can enjoy St. Patrick's Day everyday!
comments: God, I love Weezer. "Only in Dreams" may be the most beautiful song ever written.
Loreena McKennitt
comments: For the occasional druid moments.

My favorite movies:

Fight Club
comments: The apex of all film. Wow.
comments: Those that didn't cry have hearts of stone.
Dawn of the Dead
comments: I feel like I owe George Romero some great debt. Like giving him a kidney or something.
comments: Pacino couldn't be cooler if he was left naked in Antartica soaking wet.
The Exorcist
comments: It didn't scare me. I just liked it.

My favorite authors:

comments: You really can't argue how cool a lot of his stuff really is.
David Sedaris
comments: This guy is painfully funny.
Chuck Palahniuk
comments: Did you read "Fight Club"? Did you?
comments: If for nothing else than "Henry V".
Jack London
comments: Did you read "Call of the Wild"? Did you?

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