Meagz Diary (And Sexual Fantasies)

Me. Meagen. Hola. Me love Roswell. Me love Krispy Kremes.

My favorite diaries:

jbehrsgurl profile - diary
comments: Ranting of the one and only Elena.
behrwithme profile - diary
comments: Only Jess could pull off being this jaded and still be beautiful.
alfirinnaur profile - diary
comments: Danie.
crossingrose profile - diary
comments: Erin.
usagiangie1 profile - diary
comments: The one diary that I just can't stop reading. Frank's a dick.
mysterious-l profile - diary
comments: Lynn. Fuck me.
newyorker18 profile - diary
comments: Keri.
bnlchick profile - diary
naughtygrrrl profile - diary
comments: Very hot sex shit.
pink-blondie profile - diary
comments: Mmm, tasty.
intravenous- profile - diary
comments: *drool*

My favorite music:

Barenaked Ladies
comments: Love. Just LOVE them. They've got talent, and the most amusing skills to write a song. Great in concert!
comments: I love The Long Road. And they're awesome live.
Samantha King
comments: One of my best friends... she's just beyond amazing.

My favorite movies:

Joy Luck Club
comments: Just beautiful... that's all there is to it.
Lilo and Stitch
comments: I love Stitch... and Lilo too! They just have a kick ass friendship!
comments: Even though we have yet to watch it together... I've declared this movie as mine and Jess'!

My favorite authors:

Alice Sebold
comments: Author of The Lovely Bones and Lucky... Oh lord, does she know how to write. She inspires me.
Melinda Metz
comments: AMAZING teen author... she's part of the reason I want to write teen novels professionally!
Marian Keyes
comments: Great chick lit. author. All of her novels are insanely funny, but definitely able to relate to them.

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