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I want a new life. I like computers. My main love is music. I don't know if I am normal. But being weird is definetly ok in my book. Where is my book? This is, I guess. I like writing. All I care about is music.

Silence in a Room With Noise

My favorite diaries:

Frooshy profile - diary
comments: awesome!!!!! you are the funniest person! also one of my best online friends. :) TOTALLY dope! you're the funnest to talk to!
beachzephyr profile - diary
comments: also cool. havent known her long.
frostyfire profile - diary
comments: shes kind of like me. I like this writing. its stuff I can't explain pretty much. :)
indiepixel profile - diary
comments: shes cool. only known her not that long. Wicked
scorps profile - diary
comments: neetoe. She hasn't written in a long time tho
jupiterstarr profile - diary
comments: I like her writing also
azfender profile - diary
comments: its good stuff to read.
phsychicspy profile - diary
comments: RHCP FAN!!! YEAH!!!! shes awesome just like any other rhcp friend of mine.
funky-monk profile - diary
comments: shes excellent and fun to talk to, she is one of my best friends!!! [steef]
quietkent profile - diary
comments: Whoa. Talking about deep thoughts.
mspsychosexy profile - diary
comments: marcela rules. :D RHCP RULES.
soul2squeeze profile - diary
comments: rhcp fan, man!! I LOVE ALL THE RHCP PEOPLE
karinkiedis profile - diary
comments: keidis lovers galore! lol
jonnybox profile - diary
kelly-c profile - diary
comments: rhcp fan, gotta love em
lucky10210 profile - diary
comments: my friend brittney!!!!!!
alliekay profile - diary
comments: she seems kind of cool
girl-shutout profile - diary
comments: the behind the music thing i dream of too!! she seems cool too
spunkbread profile - diary
comments: John Day......gotta love it.. She is awesome to talk John with :)
mbandtherhcp profile - diary
comments: shes pretty cool!!!!!!
nataliecat profile - diary
comments: john fan yay
conflict0925 profile - diary
comments: Frusciante fan
pmsqueen profile - diary
fruscicated profile - diary
comments: ^^^^^ yeah baby, JOHN RULES
cursedfemale profile - diary
comments: she sounds pretty cool!
baddecor profile - diary
sicktrick profile - diary
comments: this diary was amazing. I didn't know her, but this stuff is really, truly, touching. RIP Effemy Cole Feb 26th, 1980 ~ May 18th, 2002
punkr0ckgirl profile - diary
comments: she also seems pretty cool.. check it out! love the layout :P
cubanchica89 profile - diary
comments: she's got a lot of spunk.. I am close to her age, also
cosmicvoices profile - diary
comments: she is..... rowan...

My favorite music:

Red Hot Chili Peppers
comments: my favourite, I'm obsessed and I don't go a day without thinking about how sexy those motherfuckers are.
Foo Fighters
comments: I just wanna say that Nirvana, RHCP and Foo Fighters are my ultimate heros and I know everyone says Kurt is a god, but he is more than that.
comments: They're so great, I swear. "I'll travel through a tube And end up in your infection"
comments: :D
queens of the stone age
comments: Josh Homme is mysteriously cute and I don't know why. It must be his hair. I have a thing for reddish hair.

My favorite movies:

Almost Famous
comments: Geezus, its my favourite movie. William is hot. Man, dang darn you, if you haven't seen it, go and rent it.
Ghost World
comments: My 2nd ULTIMATE Favourite.
Fast Times At Ridgemont High
comments: CLASSIC
Sixteen Candles
comments: very classic
Wayne's World/2
comments: spiderman and monsters inc.

My favorite authors:

comments: I don't read a lot

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