i'm mosher... well actually i'm not that's just some deaft screen name i got stuck with when i was 15. pity, doesn't suit me anymore, but it's too late to be a worrying about that now isn't it?

i wouldn't read my diary if i was you, it's a wee bit pants, try these fellers instead:

My favorite diaries:

antom profile - diary
comments: spanna': nice boy rambles amilessly through life, passing amusing comment along the way
goatcatcher profile - diary
comments: richie's diary.. depending on his mood it may be up or not
grrrrr profile - diary
comments: once in a while she updates. she should do it more *hint*
strawberrri profile - diary
comments: strawb is loverly so everybody go read it now
lucero profile - diary
comments: runcie sppon herself... unfortunatly her diary is long since dead
quietcrown profile - diary
comments: ...also known as Coldo. i don't know him that well but he's struck me as a lovely person
superfrizz profile - diary
comments: we got scared, together with grrrrr, by a random druggy called adam once....

My favorite music:

comments: ... i wish rivers hadn't shaved his beard off
foo fighters
comments: the one, the only dave grohl :)
comments: reminds me of summer and where i want to be
comments: my first love :)
comments: the're just too good for words

My favorite movies:

My favorite authors:

Stephen King
comments: people assume it's all horror and gore, but to be honest most of it isn't. it's just really good shit :)
Philip Pullman
comments: i will be forever greatful for the 'His Dark Materials' trilogy, if you only ever read one thing, make sure it's these
J.K Rowling
comments: harry potter.... :)
J.G Ballard
comments: he makes you see things from very original points of view - never a bad thing
comments: i read a stupid amount of books. all my favourite authers would never ever fit in this wee space.

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