Muse to Self. I thought that was pretty clever when I first thought of it... I could either be inspiring myself, or just talking to myself in the street.

My favorite diaries:

bronx-bound1 profile - diary
comments: Oh, Sarah. Plays with languages and places, and would take "pretentious" as a compliment, though I would more readily call it evocative.
elfling profile - diary
comments: Speaking of playing with words. And binaries. And falling down.
narcissa profile - diary
comments: I have been reading her on and off since Way Back When. She makes me smile, and has since the temp job days.
purplekitty2 profile - diary
comments: Becca got a diary too! I am such a trendsetter. Or perhaps an Irish setter, to go along with the colorful animals theme.
nerfie profile - diary
comments: A blast from the past! My ex-partner in My Little Pony crime turns up as an anime-watching college junior with allegedly blue hair. Who knew?
sinus-iridum profile - diary
comments: Trying to sneak this one on us, oh were you, She of the Random Thoughts? Good thing your Random Thoughts make me laugh, or I'd have to pull out that dagger I see before me...
gloamling profile - diary
comments: Another random find. She likes literary criticism, Eddie Izzard, Shakespeare, and being a self-proclaimed nerd girl. She has also lived in my hometown.
synchrnicity profile - diary
comments: An old friend, a new diary. Nit-pick his grammar for me, ok?
perdiendome profile - diary
comments: Beth is strong and articulate, and the first diaryland stranger to reveal herself to me.
spunkygypsy profile - diary
comments: A onetime acquaintance with a knack for faces. She recognized me in the middle of nyc. Ok, well, it was at my school, but we'd only met once, and she's pretty nifty, so.
mathrat profile - diary
comments: Long time, no see. Cute pictures!
smartypants profile - diary
comments: She makes me giggle! And lives in Chicago.
not-a-finger profile - diary
comments: Has been making me laugh for ages, in a generally horrified sort of way.
chordchild profile - diary
comments: It's about time I put her here. A wise and compassionate individual.

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